How to Answer the ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Interview Question

Do you hate the interview question “tell me about yourself?” You’re not alone.

Most people find this question difficult to answer.  When asked the this question, you want to consider what the interviewer is really asking:

Tell me about your Professional self or How do you handle yourself in a professional environment?

By asking this question, the interviewer will get a feel for some of your soft skills and can begin to determine if you area good fit with their company culture and your potential coworkers/customers.  So what is the best way to answer the question?

The Wrong Response

The worst way you can answer the question is to say, “What do you want to know?” This shows an interviewer you are unprepared for the interview and most likely the job. The second worse answer is, ‘I was born in Houston, moved to Dallas when I was ten…” Don’t mistake this question as the interviewer wanting to know who you are as a person.

The Right Response

Focus on what would interest the interviewer. Take this opportunity to describe yourself in a positive way by highlighting your strengths and acomplishments. Allow yourself the time to develop a good answer and practice it PRIOR to the interview, so you are able to deliver with ease and confidence. The interviewer will be listening for skills that line up with the job and personality traits that fit with the company culture.

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How to Survive and Thrive After a Merger or Acquisition

With the popularity of mergers and acquisitions in this economy, some of us will be affected sometime in our careers.  What is the best way to survive and thrive after a big company change?

After a merger or acquisition most people don’t know what to expect. Job loss and uncertainty are big concerns. It may also take months before you know about departmental reorganizations, new responsibilities or layoffs. Start by coming up with a strategy to survive and thrive in your new office environment.

Start with Preparation –

One of the best tools for dealing with the anxiety of uncertainty is preparation. Stay alert and do some homework on the new company and their culture. Get to know the new managers.

Stay Alert –

Keep doing the best job you can under the circumstances. A lot of the time employees panic and wait around to hear what will happen next. They use all their time and energy contemplating various scenarios together.

Move Forward –

Update your resume and if you need help to make it look really great,hire us. Consider the possibility that a company change could open up new opportunities for you. Be prepared to present yourself in the best light when the time is right. In times of great change, there are often great opportunities for those who are ready.

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