If you’ve recently been given the opportunity to work from home or have made a career change that enables you to work from home, we recommend you start with good habits. Are you embracing your bad habits and think it’s too late to make a change? It’s never too late!

working from home

Successful Habit #1 – Start a weekday routine.

Wake up at the same time every day like you would if you were really going into the office. It’s nice to have a flexible schedule, but set certain hours that you will work every day. That way you can stay consistent with your clients and your boss.

Successful Habit #2 – Dress the part.

Take a shower and get dressed. You don’t need to dress up but it doesn’t hurt to be casually presentable. You never know when you may have an emergency FaceTime or Skype meeting with a client or your boss.

Successful Habit #3 – Designate a space for your work.

When you work from home it can be a challenge to stay in one place. At times you may find yourself on the couch, at your dining table or on the patio. When you don’t designate a space for your work, it can lead to a scattered mind and an unproductive workday. Instead, choose a home office space that will cater to most of your needs and do the majority of your work from there.

Working from home has its ups and downs. To be the most successful you need to get in a routine that works for you. Do your best to not get wrapped up in household chores or other distractions while you are in your working hours. If you are ever having trouble communicating with your clients, boss or coworkers, don’t forget the value of face-to-face contact.