Is work-life balance an issue for you and your family?  Today, there are more dual-income earners and women breadwinners than ever before. Typical “gender roles” are becoming less mainstream with families working together as partners when conquering household chores and raising a family.

3 Tips for Work-life balance

The Challenges

Both males and females are facing new challenges balancing home life and career.  You can’t necessarily control everything in your life, especially at work.  But you can make an effort to find a balance.

According to Business News Daily, having a good work-life balance has numerous positive effects, including minimizing stress and burnout, and promoting overall well-being.   So it is important to strive for a better balance.

Employers are recognizing the added pressures and looking at the best ways to support, engage and maximize employee time and productivity.  But there are times when work-life can seem overwhelming.

While your employer may make changes to help, you can improve your home life partnership with these power-sharing tips.  Giving up power isn’t easy, especially when you don’t give it up at work.  But seeking ways to share the home duties relieves significant stress and helps you to be a partner and employee.

Dividing the Work at Home

How do you split the work at home?

Check out these top 3 power-sharing tips:

Embrace Individual Strengths

If your partner is a better cook and enjoys it, let them do it, even if you have always been the one to make dinner. Your strengths can be used for multi-tasking laundry or helping with homework.

Give Up on “Your Way”

When you start to share tasks in the household it is easy to be critical about the way someone else does things. This is especially difficult when you know “your way” is better. Keep in mind it is important to have the towels laundered and folded even if it’s not the way you usually do it.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing household chores no matter how hard your day was at work shows your partner that you care about their time and effort as well. Not only does this help your marriage/partnership, it has a ripple effect in overall happiness and satisfaction in life.

Work-life Balance

Take a few minutes today to devote to your work-life balance and think about what you can delegate to someone else.  How can you empower them to do the tasks needed.  Work-life balance are important for your mental health and for the success of your family.

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