Do you seek out challenges? If you’re thinking about switching jobs, it can seem comfortable to make a lateral move from one company to another in the same position. After all, it’s something you’re already familiar with, a job you know how to do. But it may be worthwhile to consider challenging yourself with something that takes you outside of your comfort zone.

seek out challenges

While it can be scary, seeking a new challenge can make you a better person and teach you new skills. Here are a few good reasons to consider seeking out a new challenge:

1.  It Can Boost Your Career

Yes, taking on a new job that is outside your comfort zone can offer you a significant boost to your career. It will show a genuine commitment to improving your skills and developing new ones. With new tasks and responsibilities outside your comfort zone, employers will see you as a risk taker and the go-to person for new projects. They’ll see that you have confidence in your abilities and you’re willing to try new things.

2.  You’ll Meet New People

Taking on new challenges and doing new things will introduce you to people you would have never met otherwise. Whether it’s new professional contacts you make through work and networking or personal contacts you make through trying new things in your personal life, you’ll welcome new people into your life. And those people may be able to help you go further, both professionally and personally.

3.  Learn New Skills

Seeking out challenges will help you learn new skills that can be useful in many areas of your life. These new skills can relate to your job or even a new hobby, but they can carry over to other areas of your life and benefit you. You’ll challenge yourself mentally and expand your knowledge and skill level. What skills would you like to develop?

4.  Opens Yourself Up for Opportunity

Learning new skills, being willing to take risks and improve yourself, and meeting new people will help to open you up to more opportunities and experiences. Doing the same thing day after day gets boring after a while, but taking on new challenges can make your work exciting again and allow you to take your career to new levels.

Whether you’re looking for a new job or moving up in your current one, seeking out challenges can help give your career the boost it needs.

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