The New Year is only days away. I have a few things for you to do before the end of the year to make 2023 more successful. Whether employed or still job hunting, these small tasks will make a difference. The best part is they are fun and easy to do!

5 Things To Do Before the End of the Year

1.  Review the Year 

What went well and was successful for you? What was a bust? If you are currently employed, what were the high points of your career during the year? If you are job hunting, what interviews or things you did stood out? What were you happy with? Think about what type of company made you feel excited.  

What about your efforts? When did you feel you gave your best and were proud of your actions? What was your happiness level? Did you enjoy teamwork or working alone?

These might seem like little things, but as you move forward to 2023, they can help you plan the year for success.

2.  Take Inventory of What Goals You Met

We all have goals, whether we write them down or have them in our heads. Did you meet any of your goals? Did you meet all of them? 

If you meet every goal, you might need to set higher goals. We all need some stretch goals. If you didn’t meet any of the goals, then maybe you set your goals at a level that was impossible to reach.  

Whether you met your goals or not, knowing how you performed against the goals helps you to set future goals and be realistic about your progress. 

3.  Decide What You are Going to STOP Doing Next Year

It is the time of year when we plan ahead – we create a vision for what we want to create next year and map out how we will get there. Sometimes this means adding a bunch of stuff to your to-do list, and if you are already busy, it can be daunting!

Success comes from knowing what to STOP doing as much as from knowing what you will do next.  

If you have your own business, is it time to stop doing the tech or the accounting stuff in your business so that you can focus more on growth activities?  

If you are employed, you may stop complaining. Or stop staying that extra half hour and giving away your time. Or you may stop procrastinating on projects and then stress yourself out when the due date nears. 

If you are job hunting, maybe you will stop applying for jobs you don’t want. Perhaps you are going to stop updating your resume and send it. Or stop doing the job search alone and hire a career coach to guide you.  

In your personal life, perhaps you need to let go of old habits or relationships that no longer serve you. Letting go creates space for what is to come.

4.  What Did You Learn This Year? 

Take time to celebrate WHO you are becoming due to the experiences of the past 12 months. What have you learned about yourself? Have you garnered new knowledge or learned new skills?  

Where have you become stronger? Where did you take action despite fear? How did you surprise yourself? What did you learn about others? Celebrate your lessons learned! Write them down. Could you share them with a friend?  

5.  Book Your Vacations For Next Year

If you are employed and have vacation time coming, do not waste it. Grab your calendar and plan when you will take a vacation. This isn’t just a ‘nice idea when you have time for it,’ this is essential for your health  (Google the long-term effects of stress and overwhelm – yikes!) It is necessary to take time off to rejuvenate and recharge.

Some people plan a long weekend each quarter and a more extended summer vacation. Whatever you can manage, If you don’t do it now, you may not take the time you have coming. So get it on the calendar and guard the time.

Doing these five things before January 1 will help you enter the new year with a clearer picture of yourself, what you have accomplished this year and what you can plan for the coming year.  

Here is hoping 2023 is a prosperous and healthy new year for you.  

I Am Here To Help

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