Are obstacles preventing you from reaching your career goals?  We all run into goal obstacles in our lives.

There are tons of articles out there that teach you how to plan for goals, reach goals, celebrate achievements, etc. But how many acknowledge the hardships accompanying the life changes and hard work it takes to meet those goals?

Some of you may have made goals for the new year and are now facing some obstacles. That is normal.

Career Goal Obstacles

The truth is, things will get in the way. You can be over-prepared, dedicated, and diligent, but life is unpredictable. Sometimes, even the most hard-working people plateau. They struggle with both internal and external obstacles, such as depression, family emergencies, financial issues, and even a lack of motivation. So what can you do to overcome that hump and continue on the path to success?

Tips To Overcome Goal Obstacles

These tips should help you to tackle those obstacles and move forward.

1. Clearly Define the Obstacle

This is simple. You can’t overcome an obstacle if you don’t know what it is. Think about what’s holding you back. Are you sticking to the plan? Does your diet consist of  healthy food? Are you getting enough sleep? Are you struggling financially? Is someone in your family ill? Once you identify the barrier, you can take steps to tear it down.

2. Be Flexible

Sure, you planned to meet your goal by the end of the month. Breathe. If you don’t meet the deadline, will you throw away your progress? Keep the grind going, or start over. It’s better to meet your goal a year later than never to meet it!

You may even need to embrace alternative routes. Try taking the scenic path toward your goal this time.

3. Talk it Out

The best way to hold yourself accountable for reaching your goals is to talk about them. Whether you have coffee with an old friend, join a social media support group, find an accountability partner, or hire a career or life coach, having others in your corner is a sure way to get that extra push when you’re lacking in the motivation department.

4. Do Your Research

Maybe you don’t currently have the information needed to reach your particular goal. Ask an expert about the path they took to reach their accomplishments. Read a book. However, don’t bombard yourself with too much information! Information overload can make you disorganized and forgetful. 

5. Be Optimistic

In order to reach goals, you need to adopt a “glass half full” mindset in a world of “glass half empty” people. It takes a great deal of mental effort, but keeping a positive attitude can be the deciding factor between giving up and climbing over those goal obstacles. Don’t give up!  

I Am Here To Help

I would love to speak with you to determine if I can help you accomplish your goals. If you need guidance on your career, I am here to help.   If you find yourself in a situation where you need career advice or support and want to talk about planning for your future, reach out to me,  Rachel Schneider, at Career Find, for a free Intro Call.