If the company you’re working for goes through a merger or acquisition, it can be a scary time. It’s hard to know what it means for job security and future income. Will you be laid off? Reassigned? Get demoted? Take a pay cut? The unknown can cause you to make drastic and usually unnecessary decisions. 

Merger and Acquisition

How to Survive and Thrive After a Merger or Acquisition

These tips will help you survive and thrive through a merger or acquisition.

1. Stay Positive

Leave your complaints at home and maintain a positive attitude in the office. If you need to complain, do so in private at home with close friends and family. It can be hard to know who to trust in the office and never with people you work with during this uncertain time. The workers with a positive attitude about the company’s future are more likely to be retained than let go.

2. Get Onboard

Show that you’re willing to get on board with the changes and new environment. Be proactive about getting involved with initiatives and new programs. Sign up for new programs and volunteer in areas where there might be a need. Look for opportunities to step up, get noticed, and show that you can be part of the new company.

3. Be Flexible

It’s better to be willing to be a little flexible about how you will fit in with the company than be inflexible and unwilling to make changes. Your tasks and job duties may change, but this can be an opportunity for you to thrive and learn new skills. Being seen as a team player will benefit you more than refusing to participate in changes.

4. Build New Relationships

Networking may not be your thing, but you’ll need to embrace it at a time like this. Building relationships with influential people and higher-ups will serve you well if you have to go through a rehiring and interview process with the new team. This is a critical time to make connections with the right people. 

5. Prove Your Worth

While your boss may have valued your work, they may be moved or let go, and the new team will not know how important your work is. It’s time to prove your worth to the company by demonstrating what you do and contributing to the team. This is the time to “show,” not “tell.” But do have your elevator pitch ready in case anyone asks what you do or why you’re important to the team.

A merger or acquisition can be a scary time, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of your job. Stay positive, show your value, make connections, and don’t be afraid to get involved. This is the time to step up.

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