LinkedIn is an excellent resource for connecting with recruiters and employers if you’re looking for a new job. There are a few ways to tweak your profile to help you stand out and help job recruiters find you easily.

recruiters Find You on LinkedIn

Helping recruiters find you on LinkedIn doesn’t require special skills or high-level SEO knowledge. Just a few minutes spent improving your profile will help you stand out.

1. Update Your Headline

The headline is the highest searched section on LinkedIn and keywords play a crucial role in being found. It’s important to understand that you can change your headline as much as you want, so if it’s not working for you, feel free to keep making changes until it does.

The headline has a limit of 120 characters, so you need to use this section effectively. Your headline should be a summary of your top skills or what you want to be known for, along with the type of job you’re seeking. Take a look at this example:

Michael Smith

Software Sales Account Manager | Technical Sales Account Executive | Technical Software Sales | Specializing in Fortune 500 accounts

2. Update Your Summary

It may surprise you that 45% of LinkedIn users have outdated information on their profiles. Your profile doesn’t need to include your whole resume (only include 10 years of prior work history), but it should cover the highlights and anything related to the kind of work you’re seeking.

Identify 2 -4 of your top accomplishments that set you apart from others in your field.

Use your summary to talk about your experience, skills, and motivations.

3. Use a Quality Headshot

This is not the place to upload your latest vacation photo as your profile picture. Use a professional headshot and make sure it’s up close and has great lighting so your face can be seen.

4. Add Your Location

Recruiters search and screen by location, so not including your location can put you out of the running on a fair number of jobs. Adding your city or metro area to your profile can boost your chance of being seen by as much as 23%.

5. Add Your Industry

Many recruiters search by industry; if you don’t have yours listed, they won’t find you. This can also help LinkedIn recommend jobs to apply for.

6. Add Your Skills

In addition to your job skills, the skills section is a great place to select personal skills that may benefit a new job. If you’re great at public speaking or negotiating deals, add those to your skills list.

7. Update Regularly

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the best ways to help recruiters find you, but they won’t find you if you don’t have the most up-to-date information with a few keywords in your heading. Take a few minutes to improve your profile to boost your chances of being found.

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