Would you like to be happier at work?  We all have those rough days at work, the ones when we think we’ve had enough and can’t take it anymore. We just want to quit. But then you think about all the years you’ve put in, all the contacts you’ve made, and the promotions and raises you’ve worked hard for, and you change your mind and tell yourself tomorrow will be better.

But what if you could be happier at work more days than you’re unhappy? What if you looked forward to going to work and enjoyed what you do? Not only would it make you happier throughout your workday, but that joy would carry over into your home life.  According to an article on TheOneThing.com, “Happy people tend to work more efficiently and think more creatively. They also approach problems in a constructive manner so that their issues are quickly solved.”  So being happy is a win for you and for your company.

Ways to Be Happier at Work

Being happier at work isn’t as hard as you may think. Try these tips to improve your mood and enjoy your job more.

1. Do Something You Love

This may sound simple, but most people work a job for the money and not because it’s something they enjoy doing. Believe it or not, you can make money doing almost anything you love. You just need to figure out how. Think about the hobbies you enjoy and blend them together with the experience and skills you have to come up with a job that makes you happy.

 2. Find Balance

All work and no play is bad for your mental health and happiness. Find a job where you can find some balance, one that you can easily take time off for your child’s activities or date night with your spouse. A job that is more focused on work product instead of how many hours you sit at your desk will make you happier and more motivated.

3. Focus On Development

Both personal and professional development can make you happier in all areas of your life. What are your goals? Are there hobbies that interest you? What classes do you need to take for a promotion? Anything you do to better yourself will contribute to your happiness.

4. Stay In The Loop

Know what’s going on at work, even if it’s not in your department. It will help you see the bigger picture of what your company is focused on so that you can look for ways to contribute and maybe move to a different department where you’ll be happier.

5. Ask For Feedback

Most managers forget to tell their employees how much they’re appreciated or what a great job they do, but we need to hear those things to stay motivated. Ask your boss for feedback on how you’re doing at your job or how you managed a project.

6. Don’t Overextend Yourself

We think we can do it all, but we can’t. And overextending ourselves leads to stress, frustration, and resentment. Don’t take on a new project until you’ve taken some time to think about the time commitment involved and how you’ll manage it.

7. Avoid Negativity

Almost every office has an office gossip or two; you know the type who always talk about other people behind their back and spreading negativity everywhere. These are the people you need to avoid. Yes, they’ll probably talk about you too, but only because they’re jealous. Keep these people at arm’s length and politely walk away from conversations that are too negative.

When you focus on your own happiness, you can find ways in every situation to be happier no matter what’s going on around you.

Do You Need Help?

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