Some people make the road to achieving goals sound like a short, straight, and narrow path. That path is often a long, winding road with lots of construction and other obstacles. 

Road to Success

People used to stay with the same company forever; things have changed. According to an article on, the average person changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime. As of January 2022, the average employee stays with their employer for only 4.3 years. That is a lot of interviews and changes during your career and on the road to success.

Let me help you get on track and stay on track when it comes to planning and achieving your career goals.

Stay On the Road To Success

Sometimes there are many bumps and detours on the road to success. These tips will help you navigate the sometimes rocky road to career success.

1. Hit the Gas

With many tasks, getting started is the hardest part. However, you can’t start the race until you step on the gas. If you can get started, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals. You just have to take that first step. Make sure you know your goals, and then hit the gas to take that first step.  

If you need help determining the first step, talking with me at Career Find will help.

2. Stay in One Lane

Your chances of achieving a goal will be much higher if you simply focus on that one goal. Try not to bite off more than you can chew. When you try to achieve multiple goals simultaneously, that road becomes a four-lane highway during rush hour traffic.

Over and over again, I have watched people try to achieve too many different goals at once and fail to achieve any of them. Stay in your lane and focus on one goal at a time, and you will reach all your goals faster.

3. No Pit Stops

You have to avoid “Shiny Object Syndrome” and keep moving toward your career goal. Achieving goals comes with sacrifice. You might have to sacrifice your favorite TV show or that extra hour of Saturday morning sleep. You must avoid distractions and go-to bad habits to continue moving forward toward your career goals.

 It would be best to prepare for obstacles and pre-plan how you will deal with them to avoid unnecessary pit stops. 

4. Turn On the Odometer

When striving towards your goals, there is one sure way to fail: winging it and not tracking your progress. This cannot be stressed enough. You must keep track of your progress: where you are, where you’re going, and most importantly, how far you’ve come. 

Depending on your goal, there are various ways to track it. You can do this however you wish – before and after photos, a goal journal, a checklist, whatever. As you progress, be sure to celebrate your progress. The mile markers are just as important as the destination.

5. Pass With Care

When driving your car, you pass others with care and caution. On the road to success, many opportunities will come along. Evaluate them carefully. Determine if you want to take advantage of that opportunity or if it will slow your progress toward your current goal. You may choose to pass it by.

6. Ask For Directions

Just like when you get lost while traveling, and you stop and ask or use your phone GPS to ask for directions, in life, you need to have directions on your road to success.   Everyone has an opinion, and asking too many people can be confusing.   Sometimes it helps to work with someone with experience in assisting others to reach their goals. A professional life coach or career coach might be perfect for helping you jump to the next level or job in your career as you travel the road to success. 

7. Embrace The Tech

Like your car has new and improved technology, backup warnings, GPS screens, and other bells and whistles, new tech can improve your goal tracking.  

You don’t always carry a notepad or journal around, and your electronic to-do list is only visible when you open your computer. Your smartphone, though, is something that you just don’t leave at home. Check out the app store to find your own little accountability pal. Some big goal-tracking app names include GoalsOnTrack and SuccessWizard

8. Cross The Finish Line

As you travel on the road to success, you will have numerous goals, each with a finish line. Crossing the finish line for each goal is a success. Celebrate, savor the moment, and then start working towards the next goal, the next finish line on your road to success.

I Am Here To Help

I would love to speak with you to determine if I can help you accomplish your goals. If you need guidance on your career, I am here to help.   If you find yourself in a situation where you need career advice or support and want to talk about planning for your future, reach out to me,  Rachel Schneider, at Career Find, for a free Intro Call.