If you hope to achieve unprecedented professional success next year, setting goals and participating in monthly check-ins are key! Monthly check-ins provide an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve accomplished, identify areas where more work needs to be done, set new goals for yourself, and continue moving forward on your career trajectory.

career Trajectory Program

Monthly Career Trajectory Program

I’m delighted to introduce my Monthly Career Trajectory Program, designed especially for career-minded professionals like you. Consider it your personal check-in, where we’ll dive deep into your career goals and aspirations. I understand your burning desire to excel, create a difference, and be recognized for your contributions.

In the program, we will:

  • Meet monthly for a 1.5-hour long check-in session.
  • Dive deep into your career goals.
  • Create a clear roadmap for success to ensure your goals stay on track
  • Strategize ways to navigate office dynamics, even in the face of office politics and diverse communication and leadership styles
  • Find ways to ensure management sees and acknowledges your outstanding workplace contributions.

We want you to shine and be celebrated for your remarkable successes!


Accountability is the secret ingredient that propels careers to new heights. One of the key benefits of my career planning and accountability program is never having to worry about becoming complacent with your career goals. I’ll be there by your side, offering support, motivation, and gentle nudges when needed. We’ll keep the fire burning together, ensuring you stay on track and achieve the extraordinary.

Reduced Introductory Price

For a limited time, I’m thrilled to offer the Monthly Career Trajectory Program at a reduced introductory price of $2,000. This Program (valued at $3200) includes:

  • Twelve monthly 1.5-hour sessions with me, providing ample time to address your specific needs and challenges (a $2970 value).
  • High-level access to me via phone and text, ensuring continuous support whenever you need it. Should you require additional assistance, I’ll immediately prioritize working you into my schedule.
  • Exclusive access to my upcoming products before they roll out. I’m constantly developing new tools and resources to enhance your professional journey, and you’ll be the first to benefit from them.

What Members Are Saying

Here’s what current members are saying about the program:

  • “Monthly check-in’s with Rachel really have helped me stand out from my coworkers and as a result, I’ve been offered the Team Lead position!”
  • “LOVE my Monthly Check-Ins with Rachel! Really helping me to stay on track!”
  • “I really look forward to my monthly sessions with Rachel. I feel so empowered after each one. I can feel my confidence growing.”
  • “Joining the Monthly Career Trajectory Program was the best decision. Rachel rocks!”

Limited Availability

Spots in this year-long program are extremely limited due to my availability. By committing to 12 months, you acknowledge that there are no chargebacks or refunds. But trust me, this program’s transformative impact on your career is priceless.

Elevate Your Career

Let’s elevate your career to new heights, make a lasting impact, and create a legacy you can be proud of. If you’re ready to take your career to new heights, CLICK HERE to schedule a quick call and secure your spot in my Monthly Career Trajectory Program.

Let’s embark on this extraordinary journey together, conquer mountains, and transform your career dreams!