Have you ever considered a career in the skilled trades? Many people excel at skills with their hands. Men predominately dominate these fields, but that doesn’t mean women can’t have a career in these areas.

Did you know that in the United States, women represent only 8.9 percent of the trade workforce? Careers in plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, carpentry, and welding are traditionally male-dominated. These careers are considered skilled trades and provide high pay and excellent prospects. Everyone needs someone to fix things in their house at one time or another.  

Women should consider pursuing jobs in these fields if they are interested in this type of work.

Thinking about a skilled trades career?

Hurdles to Pursuing a Skilled Trades Career

There are a variety of hurdles for women entering the skilled trade field. These are the three most common obstacles to women entering the skilled trades field.  


A lack of awareness is a considerable obstacle. Many women need to be made aware that skilled trades careers are a viable option. More and more initiatives are increasing to help young women learn about these fields and the jobs available.  

You must gain accurate information about careers in the trades and salary predictions.

Role Models

It is often difficult to find female role models to talk with and look up to when considering a career in the skilled trades. Talking with another female with experience in your trade is invaluable and can provide a sense of the field’s challenges.  


Obtaining the skills you need can be a hurdle. You can gain skills in several ways.  

  • Trade schools are reaching out to women of all ages for program enrollment. They can provide the skills needed to thrive in a skilled trades career.  
  • On-the-job training is sometimes offered, especially in the current job market.
  • Find a mentor to show you the ropes and learn in a do-it-yourself environment.


Picking up a power tool can be intimidating. It is an obstacle you will need to overcome. A great way to reduce your fear is to learn to use the tools properly in a safe environment. Trade schools often offer hands-on learning in a safe environment that helps to build your confidence.  

If you are a female interested in exploring a career in the skilled trades, there is no better time than now. With more resources for awareness and increased skill development opportunities, the hurdles posed by a male-dominated industry can be broken down. 

It’s normal to have fear when you step out of your comfort zone, but that should never stop you from seizing an available occupation with significant advantages. You may be the perfect candidate for the skilled trades, so remember to research what essential skills and qualifications are required for this line of work. Don’t be afraid and follow your ambition, learn more about careers in the skilled trades, and take the next step.

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