Businesswoman Crossing the Finish Line Ahead of Businessmen

Active job-hunters know social networking sites can be some of the best tools for finding employment because it is easy to network with other professionals, friends, family, co-workers and new contacts.  But if you are happy in your job, you forget to continue to update your LinkedIn profile with new accomplishments and connect with new co-workers and industry contacts you’ve recently met. While we don’t think you need to be always looking for the next best thing, we do think that you need to be prepared for when life throws you a curve ball. In other words, you never know when you may need to utilize your resume and contacts again. Here are three tips to help you stay on track with your resume and professional contacts…

  • Stay in Touch – Carve out time each week to go through your business cards of new connections and get LinkedIn with them. It’s an easy way to say “it was nice to meet you” and that you would like to stay in touch.
  • Help Others – If you see a professional contact, friend or family member who is looking for a job and you can help, don’t hesitate. Getting recommended for an interview gives that job-seeker a leg up on the competition. You also never know where that person may be able to help you out in the future
  • Show Off – When you further your education by taking some classes, get promoted or land a big client, don’t be afraid to add that to your LinkedIn profile. As your job changes and grows so should your resume. The easiest way to update your resume is through your LinkedIn profile where co-workers, clients and even your boss can comment on a job well done.

Job Search Strategy isn’t something you should only think about when you are Actively looking for a new job.  It’s what you do BEFORE you start looking for a new job that’s equally important.  Are you neglecting your network of professional contacts?  We can help you keep your job search strategy in play even before you need it.  Contact a Career Specialist for more information!