Are you considering advancing your career post-pandemic?  Some people want a job that pays the bills and puts some money in the bank, while others are serious about their careers and take pride in what they do. They always do their best to excel and move their career forward. Even though your workplace may not have returned to normal yet, you can still do a few things to advance your career and grow professionally while still working remotely or with a smaller staff.

Career Advancement AdviceCareer Advancement Advice

Here’s some career advancement advice to help you excel and grow professionally in 2021:

1. Expand Your Skill Set

While you’re waiting for things to return to normal, this is an excellent time to expand your knowledge and skills, so you’re prepared for advancement when the opportunity arises. There are various online education options, some that will teach you a new skill and others that will offer accreditation.

What kind of skills do you need in your field? Take a writing course, a software course, or a marketing course. The added skill set will make you a better candidate for advancement.

According to an article about the future of work,  “Going forward, more than half of displaced low-wage workers may need to shift to occupations in higher wage brackets and requiring different skills to remain employed.”   Expand your skill set before it is required.

2. Keep in Touch

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you should lose touch with your co-workers. Talking to other people within your company will help you be aware of opportunities that may be coming available and help you to make it known that you’re interested.

3. Talk to Your Boss

Letting your boss know that you’re interested in advancement may be one of the best moves you can make. They can let you know if opportunities are on the horizon and when they might be available, what skills and experience you may need, and they’ll know to keep you in mind for the position before looking outside the company for a candidate.

4. Get in Touch with Your Passions

If you do not love your job, this is an excellent time to figure out what may make you happy. Research other career options that may use your skillset or take courses that will benefit you in changing careers. Sometimes, a career change is the best thing you can do to advance yourself.

5. Don’t Be Afraid of Change

Change is necessary for growth, and we’ve all learned how to accept change through the pandemic. Sometimes change is the best thing you can do. Consider changing jobs to a new company or changing positions within your existing company to find a higher sense of job satisfaction. And the right attitude toward change will send a positive message to your boss.

Even in a complex and challenging job market, you can still advance your career and find contentment. Use this time to your advantage to set yourself up for success.

If You Desire Some Help

If you find yourself in wanting to advance and want to talk about navigating it and planning for your future, reach out to Rachel Schneider with CareerFind for a free intro call.