Why You Need a Perfect Elevator Pitch

The Incredible Power of an Elevator Pitch

The holidays are upon us. As we begin to gather with family and friends, are you confident sharing your elevator pitch? Will they understand what you do or will their eyes glaze over?

If you can’t explain what you do for a living in 30-60 seconds and have people walk away with a very clear understanding, you need to perfect your pitch.

This skill is essential in business and in your personal life as you network and meet new people. The people you know and meet along the way need to have a very clear understanding of what you do in order to drive business and new opportunities your way.

Take Action Now:
Click here for tips and tricks on how to perfect your elevator pitch.

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How to Create the Perfect Elevator Pitch

When thinking about how to formulate your perfect elevator pitch, consider what will peak someone’s interest and cause them to them take action. The truth is, it’s how you make people feel that makes you memorable.

Does your current elevator pitch inspire action? Here’s how to put together a new elevator pitch that sparks some interest and feeling…

“So, what do you do?”

“I’m a… (insert your job title)”.

“Officially, my job is to… (insert your job description clearly, i.e. market to investors, refine my client’s job searching skills, save company’s money with their health insurance, etc).”

“Which is a fancy way of saying… (insert your emotional job description, i.e. find wealthy people and encourage them to fall in love with our properties, help people land their dream careers, navigate through the health insurance mess so companies don’t have to, etc.)”

Keys to creating a job description that people will actually want to hear:
– Use phrases that get straight to the emotional core of what you do.
– Sneak in a little of your own personality to peak some interest.

Examples of those phrases include:
“Which is a fancy way of saying…”
“Which really means…”
“More simply put…”

Put together a few scenarios and try them out. See which ones make the biggest impact and go from there.

Want some more help?
We can help you formulate your elevator pitch.  Schedule a session with Career Find before your next event.

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