10 Things to Do for Your Career Success

Below are 10 things we feel are key to making your professional future and life a lot easier:

  1. Know how to explain ‘what you do’. Refining your elevator pitch does take practice. It was also change throughout your career. Be so good at explaining what you do that people never forget it.
  2. Know your career non-negotiables. Be really be honest with yourself about what you need out of a career, make a list and don’t waste your time on jobs that don’t line up.
  3. Jump off a cliff every once in a while. Push your boundaries, get out of your comfort zone and do something that terrifies you at least once in the early stages of your career.
  4. Learn how to take criticism. It is important to take criticism seriously and not personally. Knowing where you are not meeting expectations will allow you room to grow professionally.
  5. Learn to say No. Sometimes this can be the hardest word to say to your boss.  Knowing when and how to use this word when it is necessary, may save your sanity.
  6. Know how to negotiate. In most cases, this is the only way you are going to get what you deserve and want.
  7. Find a to-do list system that works for you. Whether you need 30 post-it notes or a list synced on all your devices, learn to manage your workflow.
  8. Know when you are the most productive. Use your energy levels to your advantage. Don’t spend your peak mental hours on wasteful things.
  9. Know how to manage stress. Stress can ruin your life if you don’t cope with it. Learn what helps you de-stress and make it part of your routine.
  10. Make a career emergency plan. What would you do if you got laid off tomorrow? Instead of panicking, get started on an action plan.
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Avoiding the Pitfalls of Office Gossip

Every office has gossip. How do you ensure that you do not fall victim to the spread of gossip?

While yomay spend a large majority of your day with your coworkers, you do not need to share embarrassing or extremely personal information with them. Hold your wild card close to the chest.

What do you do when a coworker reels you into office gossip?

You can tell the gossiper you aren’t interested in hearing things like that, tell them that you don’t want to talk about others because you wouldn’t want them talking about you, or you can suggest to go talk to the person about their situation directly. No gossiper wants to be confrontational so that will almost always stop the gossip right away.


Here are 4 things to do if you do fall victim to office gossip…

Talk to the source. In a non-emotional way, let them know you have heard they are talking about you and you would like them to stop. If they don’t stop, speak to your boss about the issue stating the way you have already tried to stop the problem.

Address your team. If you are a manager and this happens to you or one of your employees, speak with your team about office gossip, the company policy on gossip and how to nip it in the bud.

Don’t Address the issue Company Wide.  The last thing you should do is send out a company wide email that office gossip won’t be tolerated. This isn’t effective because it can come across as the management team is conflict adverse. Instead, provide appropriate training to managers and employees on how to cope with office gossip.

Lead by Example. The best way to make a behavioral change in your office is to lead by example. If you don’t want others to spread gossip than you shouldn’t either.  

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Getting Stuck? 3 Ways to Boost Productivity

Has your workload increased due to a promotion or surviving layoffs? How are you handling your extra workload? How do you manage to not loose your mind in an office overload?

Check out these 3 ways to boost your productivity…

  • Embrace your productivity methods – How do you like to get organized in order to complete tasks? Whether you are the sticky-note queen or the stack master, when it comes to productivity there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Keep track of your progress and efficiency with the technique that works for you. After completing a few tasks, if you think there is room for improvement, don’t be afraid to try a new organization technique.
  • Prevent brain ADD – It’s easy to get off task, especially when you have so much on your plate. Often, where there is an excessive amount of tasks on a to-do list, people completely stray into non-productivity. How do you take charge of everything in your head? Start by writing down all of your ideas, to-dos, and tasks to complete. By doing so, you clear you psychic desk and bring immediate relaxation to your jumbled brain. Then, start with what is most important or something you can do quickly to begin checking off your list.
  • Don’t be afraid to take breaks – Just because you have an overwhelming amount on your to-do list doesn’t mean that you can’t take a break to clear your mind. Schedule a walk or get a pedicure at lunchtime. Commit to clearing your calendar for even an hour. You’ll feel re-energized when you head back into the office.

For help and more ways to improve your productivity, call Career Find.

We can help with all of your career needs.

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3 Habits of Successful People Working from Home

If you’ve recently been given the opportunity to work from home or have made a career change that enables you to work from home, we recommend you start with good habits. Are you embracing your bad habits and think it’s too late to make a change? It’s never too late!

working from home

Successful Habit #1 – Start a weekday routine.

Wake up at the same time every day like you would if you were really going into the office. It’s nice to have a flexible schedule, but set certain hours that you will work every day. That way you can stay consistent with your clients and your boss.

Successful Habit #2 – Dress the part.

Take a shower and get dressed. You don’t need to dress up but it doesn’t hurt to be casually presentable. You never know when you may have an emergency FaceTime or Skype meeting with a client or your boss.

Successful Habit #3 – Designate a space for your work.

When you work from home it can be a challenge to stay in one place. At times you may find yourself on the couch, at your dining table or on the patio. When you don’t designate a space for your work, it can lead to a scattered mind and an unproductive workday. Instead, choose a home office space that will cater to most of your needs and do the majority of your work from there.

Working from home has its ups and downs. To be the most successful you need to get in a routine that works for you. Do your best to not get wrapped up in household chores or other distractions while you are in your working hours. If you are ever having trouble communicating with your clients, boss or coworkers, don’t forget the value of face-to-face contact.
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How to Keep Your Job

Worried that you may be making the wrong impression at work? Make sure you are following these tips to keep yourself under the radar.

  • Keep a professional image – A recent CareerBuilder survey suggests avoiding clothes that are too casual; too much perfume, cologne or makeup; fingernail chewing or even being too suntanned. Of course, not all offices are concerned with the superficial, but if your office is, either maintain your appearance or find a new workplace.
  • Keep your desk in order – a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. If your workspace is messy, it costs only your time (while on the clock) to straighten it up. You don’t want a messy desk or office to cost you your job.
  • Don’t abuse technology – sending email to the wrong recipients, texting during business meetings, griping about the boss on Facebook and other online blunders can hurt your career. You may not think it is obvious, but to others, especially your boss, it is.
  • Work on Your resume – at home. While employers are increasingly using sites like LinkedIn to check credentials, the traditional resume is still important and should always be up to date. Make sure to have good references and don’t exaggerate about your skills or history.
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