How to Master a Phone Interview in 5 Easy Steps

It is common for employers to conduct interviews via telephone. With hundreds of candidates applying for a single job, this might sound intimidating.

 Don’t panic, We’ve got your back! These 5 tips will help you master your phone interview.

1. Prepare the same way you would for an in-person interview

It’s crucial to spend just as much time prepping for your phone interview as you would an in-person interview. Come up with a list of your strengths, skills you bring to the table and why you are interested in that specific job.

2. If the call comes out of the blue, ask to set a time to talk

If the call comes without warning, answer and say you’re thrilled to talk, but ask to speak later and suggest a time. Even if it is just for later that day, you need time to gather your thoughts, take a deep breath and find a quiet place to talk with a good connection where you won’t be interrupted.

3. Smile and make eye contact

Try standing and smiling while talking. Standing boosts your energy level and smiling while looking at yourself in the mirror, affects your tone of voice and will make a more favorable impression.

4. Don’t over-talk and listen closely

A phone call makes it difficult to read nonverbal cues that indicate the interviewer is about to speak. Talk slowly, pause and ask if more detail would be useful. Take notes on what the interviewer is asking. This will help you write a personalized thank you letter, which you MUST do post-interview.

5. Ask about the next step in the hiring process and then follow up

Before you hang up the phone, tell the interviewer how excited and appreciative you are for this opportunity and ask what the next step in the process will be. Use the notes you took during the interview to incorporate specific details in your thank you note. It is also important to include specific ways you would contribute to the company.

Mastering a phone interview can seem overwhelming, but by following these

5 simple steps, you can make the impression you want.

If you would like to practice or hone your phone interviewing skills, contact Career Coach Rachel Schneider for an appointment.