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Career Guidance

Everyone’s career path is personal and unique. If you do not know which direction to take your career, I will help you gain focus and direction in your professional life.

Together we will…

  • Discuss your previous work history, interests and desired future goals
  • Determine a career direction that leads you to accomplishing your goals
  • Gain focus and a strategic plan to move towards your new career path

Resume Review & Critique

As your Career Coach, I will teach you to create a competitive resume that communicates your worth and capabilities, as well as how to maintain it for years to come. After all, what good is a resume if it doesn’t get you an interview?

Together we will…

  • Discuss your current resume submitting practices and outcomes
  • Review resume formatting importance and creating different versions
  • Share ways to showcase your experience, accomplishments and how to differentiate your resume

Resume Building

Have you been out of the workforce for years or don’t have a resume at all?  I will work with you to build a strong & competitive resume from scratch that will showcase your strengths and abilities, while separating you from the competition.

Together we will…

  • Discuss career goals and direction, previous work history, charity work experience and transferable skill sets
  • Construct a new resume and learn about formatting, ways to differentiate yourself from the competition, creating different resume versions & their uses, applying for a job and the need for professional references

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Continuity

Taking your job search seriously? Your resume and LinkedIn Profile must both be up to date.

When in actively looking for a job, potential employers will look at your resume AND will look you up on LinkedIn. A current LinkedIn profile is just as important as having your resume updated. Both must be in sync, too. If your LinkedIn profile looks like it’s not been updated in a while or maintained, they will think you do not take your job search seriously and will move on to a different candidate.

Strategic Job Search Strategy

You are unique, and your job search strategy should be, too. We will create an out-of-the-box strategic job search plan for you to immediately put in to action.

If you’re not getting responses to your resume, together we will:

  • Discuss your current job search practices, outcomes, etc.
  • Review your desired industry, job location and future career path options
  • Devise a strategic job-search plan, specific to your career goals and discuss non-traditional ways to find job opportunities

Interview Prep and Follow Up

Poor interviewing skills will stop the hiring process before it begins.  I will teach you how to run the interview without the interviewer realizing it, so you can effectively communicate your value and worth to a potential employer and stand out from your competition.

After auditing your interviewing skills, I will give you tips and tools to use that will increase your comfort and confidence levels during the interview. As a result, you will feel more in control of the interview. Together we will…

  • Discuss the interview process, how to interview successfully and what questions to ask
  • Know the importance of interview preparation, follow-up skills and salary negotiation
  • Learn how to answer hard questions while dodging bullets without raising red flags

Mock Virtual Interviews

Do you have rusty interviewing skills? Meet with me for a Mock Virtual Interview and ease the nervousness and anxiety that often surrounds the interviewing process. You will leave feeling more confident and in control.

About your virtual interview…

  • Meet your Career Coach (me!), dressed professionally, for a Virtual Interview based on your background and desired position
  • Your mock interview begins, followed by feedback, tips and discussion. The interview concludes as skills are fine-tuned
  • Build confidence in your abilities and feel more comfortable with the entire virtual interviewing process

Salary Negotiation

Nailed your interview? I will help you negotiate your salary and total package to ensure your potential employer pays you what you’re worth.

Career Trajectory Planning

Ready to climb the ladder and move up in position within your company structure? Want to ensure you are NOT overlooked for a promotion? Work with me as we create a succession plan for you and put it into action immediately.

Relationship Coaching

All relationships have 1 thing in common – Communication. I help you navigate the nuances, communication styles and approaches paving the way to meaningful, trusted connections with business and personal relationships.

Going on an Interview or going on a 1st Date, the situation is the same… You are meeting for the first time, trying to determine if you should meet again. Communication is key. The similarities of these two scenarios is uncanny, and I can help you navigate the social aspects in both your career and personal worlds.

Business Viability Coaching

Thinking of going out on your own and starting a business? Let’s put your idea through the paces and determine it can grow legs. 20% businesses fail in their first year – Give yourself the upper advantage and let’s determine if your business idea is a strong one worth your time and effort.

Accountability Coaching

Does reporting to someone keep you motivated and moving forward? Does having a deadline keep your eye on the ball and focused? With frequent check-ins with you, I ensure you stay on track, minimize distractions and excuses so you can stay focused on your personal or professional end goal and cross the finish line.

Monthly Career Trajectory Program

Designed especially for career-minded professionals like you. Consider it your personal check-in, where we’ll dive deep into your career goals and aspirations, and I keep you on track to achieve them. I understand your burning desire to excel, create a difference, and be recognized for your contributions.

Meeting monthly for a 1.5 hour long check-in session, we’ll dive deep into your career goals, create a clear roadmap for success to ensure your goals stay on track, and strategize ways to navigate office dynamics, even in the face of office politics and diverse communication and leadership styles. We will ensure management sees and acknowledges your outstanding workplace contributions. It’s time for you to shine and be celebrated for your remarkable successes!

Accountability is the secret ingredient that propels careers to new heights. One of the key benefits of my career planning and accountability program is never having to worry about becoming complacent with your career goals. I’ll be there by your side, offering support, motivation, and gentle nudges when needed. Together, we’ll keep the fire burning, ensuring you stay on track and achieve the extraordinary.


  • 12 monthly 1.5-hour sessions with me, providing ample time to address your specific needs and challenges.
  • High-level access to me via phone and text, ensuring continuous support whenever you need it. Should you require additional assistance, I’ll prioritize working you into my schedule right away.
  • Exclusive access to my upcoming products before they roll out. I’m constantly developing new tools and resources to enhance your professional journey, and you’ll be the first to benefit from them.
  • and more…

Hear From Our Happy Clients

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“Rachel has aided me in navigating some challenging conversations with leadership in communicating your desires in a professional manner by guiding me through the painstaking process of negotiating.

This has helped me achieve not only what I want right now, and it has also given me the confidence to have these discussions in the future.”

Vamsi K.

HRIS Professional

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“Carpe Diem is something I live by.  Seize The Day and let’s work to get you the Career YOU deserve.”

Rachel Schneider

Principal Career Coach


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