Do you stand out as a high achiever to your boss?  When your boss notices your strong work ethic and thinks of you as a high achiever, you’re more likely to be in line for a promotion,  assigned better accounts, and perhaps get a raise. If you’re trying to move up the ladder with your company, how you present yourself and how you work can play a significant role in your success.

Habits That Make You stand out as a high achiever

Tips To Stand Out As A High Achiever

Here are some of the best tips to help you stand out as a high achiever:

Be professional

Showing up to work on time, ten minutes early is even better, and presenting yourself in a professional manner lets your boss know that you take yourself and your job seriously. Dress professionally, don’t be a clock watcher, and be willing to stay late to get the job done when necessary.

Hit your deadlines

Deadlines on projects or tasks are set for a reason, and hitting them or even accomplishing the task ahead of the deadline will go a long way in showing you’re intuitive. Failing to meet deadlines not only makes you look bad; it can make your boss or your team look bad as well.

Be proactive in learning new skills

Impress your boss by learning new skills that can help you succeed, especially ones that will help you advance in your job. Pay attention to the job skills your coworkers or managers have that can help you be successful. Take an online class, go back to college for a certification, or ask someone to mentor you. You may also want to consider learning skills that are currently lacking in your department so that you can fill the gap.

Ask intelligent questions

Asking questions not only helps you to learn something new, but it can also help to bring up areas in a project or job that are lacking and help find ways to fill the void. Try to avoid asking too many questions, though, as this can backfire and make you appear incompetent.

Anticipate departmental needs

If you notice something lacking in your department or will be in the future, speak up. This will show your boss that you’re thinking things through and can the bigger picture, demonstrating your value to your team.


When your boss is looking for someone to step up and manage a project, handle an assignment, or stay late to finish a task, volunteer. Pitching in and being the go-to person will not only help you build new skills but also help your boss see you as someone who cares about their job.

Admit when you make a mistake

We all make mistakes, it’s human nature, but your boss will appreciate it when you own up to yours. It shows your boss that you can take responsibility and are willing to work at your job. Be sure to apologize and try not to make the same mistake over and over.

Effectively communicate

Communication skills are key when working with a team, managing a project, or just updating your boss on your workload. Don’t shy away from speaking up. Instead, communicate with your boss and coworkers through well-written and thought-out emails, during meetings, and in reporting your progress.

A little more effort in your job can make you stand out and let your boss know that you are a high achiever.

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