If you’re searching for a new job, you might be tempted to take time off of your search during the holidays, but that would be a mistake. Don’t let the holidays derail your job search. The holiday season is one of the best times to find a new job.  

derail your job search

Reasons To Keep Your Job Search Going

There are several good reasons to keep your job search going during the holidays, including:

Companies Are Hiring

Yes, companies are still hiring throughout the holiday season. Even though many companies will have fewer days in the office with time off during the holiday season, it’s a great time to onboard new employees, provide them training, and get ready to hit the ground running in the new year. With their year-end budgets closed out and budgets for next year already set, employers already know what they can afford to pay, how many people they can hire, and where they can fill in gaps. With this being the case, many companies start more actively looking to fill positions at the end of the year.

Competition Is Less

Many people decide to take the holiday season off from their job search because they think employers aren’t hiring or they want to spend more time with their families during the holiday season. This means there are fewer applicants for the available jobs, and it may be easier for you to find a great position with fewer applicants competing.

You Have More Time

If you’re searching for a job while still working another job, you may find that you have more days off during the holiday season to focus on your job search. With companies offering extra days off around the holidays and the need to use up your vacation time by the end of the year, you may find that you can use these days more productively by focusing on your job search.

Things to Consider During a Holiday Job Search

If you decide to keep your job search going through the holiday season, here are some things to consider:

Keep Networking

Keep in touch with your connections on LinkedIn and through your networking events. Connect online, by phone, and by email. This may be an excellent time to accept a holiday party invitation because you might find some new connections there.

Keep Up Your Momentum

Once you take time off from your search, it can be hard to get started again. Keep up with your search by looking for jobs daily, sending off applications, updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Consider A Seasonal Position

If you’re out of work and looking for something new, consider a seasonal position. According to an article on  APNews.com  “All employers want for Christmas is some holiday help.”  You could be that help. Often companies will hire seasonal employees for permanent positions after the holidays. And, by then, you’ve both had a trial period to see if you like each other.

If You Need a Break

But if you really need a break from your job search during the holidays, use the time productively. Take time to update your social media profiles, resume, and cover letter, and make sure it all represents your best self and presents a cohesive image. The time off is an excellent time to focus on preparing yourself for a strong start in the new year.

The holiday season doesn’t need to derail your job search; it’s actually one of the best times to find a great new job. Keep your momentum going strong by making an effort every day to move your job search forward.

If You Need Help With Your Career

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