Burnout has been called the epidemic of the modern workplace. Burnout is the mental and physical exhaustion you experience when the demands of your work consistently exceed the amount of energy you have available.
Here are some basic “do’s” and “don’ts” to avoid burnout and stay motivated…


  • Set boundaries around the use of your work phone during non-work hours and leave your device in a basket or drawer after 8pm.
  • Incorporate regular breaks into your workday. Have lunch away from your desk.
  • Nourish your creativity outside of the office. Start a fun project.
  • Focus on why the work matters to you. Are you striving for a promotion or a raise? Keep your eye on the prize.
  • Check your email when you’re on vacation.
  • Take on too many responsibilities without enough help from others.
  • Minimize the importance of a full night’s sleep on a regular basis
  • Mistake constant fatigue or apathy for a temporary case of burnout.

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