Worried that you may be making the wrong impression at work? Make sure you are following these tips to keep yourself under the radar.

  • Keep a professional image – A recent CareerBuilder survey suggests avoiding clothes that are too casual; too much perfume, cologne or makeup; fingernail chewing or even being too suntanned. Of course, not all offices are concerned with the superficial, but if your office is, either maintain your appearance or find a new workplace.
  • Keep your desk in order – a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind. If your workspace is messy, it costs only your time (while on the clock) to straighten it up. You don’t want a messy desk or office to cost you your job.
  • Don’t abuse technology – sending email to the wrong recipients, texting during business meetings, griping about the boss on Facebook and other online blunders can hurt your career. You may not think it is obvious, but to others, especially your boss, it is.
  • Work on Your resume – at home. While employers are increasingly using sites like LinkedIn to check credentials, the traditional resume is still important and should always be up to date. Make sure to have good references and don’t exaggerate about your skills or history.