So you’ve decided to quit your job, what’s the best way to resign with class?

Ending your job can be stressful, but there are a few best practices to follow when you don’t want to burn any bridges. Courtesy, etiquette and professionalism go a long way. Create an exit strategy starting with these three tips…

  • Start your active job search well before giving your notice. It is always best to have your next position lined up prior to quitting you current job.
  • Next give enough notice. The standard notice has traditionally been two weeks, but we recommend consulting your employee handbook in case your employer expects more or less of a warning.
  • Lastly, write a polite resignation letter thanking your employer for the opportunities you had during your tenure. This gives you a better chance of getting a good reference if needed.


Are you feeling fed up and underappreciated? Does the thought of staying in your current role one more second make you want to jump out of the window? If you don’t feel like you have the patience for a traditional exit strategy, consider these three options first before storming out and possibly burning bridges…

  • Ask for a brief leave of absence. Use this time to decompress, get your resume together and start an active job search.
  • Is an inner company move the right for you? Consider leveraging your company connections to try to move to a different position within your current company.
  • Call your Career Coach Rachel Schneider at Career Find and schedule a meeting to create an exit strategy that will accomplish your goals while leaving your professional integrity in tact.