Choosing the right person to spend your life with is an important decision for your overall life happiness.  How can this choice affect your career success?

When it comes to promotions/raises, your spouse or partner may be exerting a bigger influence than you think, suggests a recent study from Washington University in St. Louis.
The study found that spouse’s personality traits, specifically conscientiousness, can influence your performance in the workplace in three ways…
  1. Reliability and Trust – If you are able to rely on your spouse to share or handle household responsibilities, like buying groceries, paying bills or raising children, than you experience more piece of mind throughout the workday.
  2. Emulating Habits – Having a conscientious spouse may help you bring more thoroughness and reliability with workplace challenges.
  3. Work-Life Balance – Having a spouse that keeps your personal life running smoothly reduces stress and makes it easier to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
Have you made the right partner choice for your career?