A job search can be an overwhelming task for anyone, but it’s especially intimidating for those who haven’t worked outside their homes in years.

Some of the issues you may be worrying about include lacking the latest skills, competing against candidates with current experience, and learning the politics of interviewing. Does this sound like you?   Don’t worry, you are not alone.   There are some things you can do to help with the job search and relieve some of your concerns.


Rejoin the WorkforceRejoining the Workforce

If you are a stay at home mom or just re-entering the workforce for another reason these tips might be just the ticket to help you navigate the job search.


Spend some time preparing before you hit the pavement in search of a job.  Update your resume, make sure you have appropriate attire for an interview, and an explanation as to why there is a gap in your work history.  Be honest, but rehearse the explanation so you sound confident when delivering your answer.

What Is Success?

You may have reached a certain level in your previous employment.  Don’t feel you have to return at the same level.   Remember a lower level job can bring lower stress, less responsibility, and might be just what you need to ease back into the workforce.   Be sure you let employers know you will consider a lower level job so they don’t automatically feel you are overqualified for the job.

Small is Good!

Many smaller companies offer part-time jobs or flexible work hours. This can be a perfect fit for rejoining the workforce.

Get the Word Out

Tell your friends and family you are ready to go back to work.  You never know who will know someone else who has an opening or a connection.  The best way to find the perfect job and to get the word out and connect.

Soon you will find just the right job for you.  Good luck as you rejoin the workforce.

Need some help?

Call your Career Coach, Rachel Schneider at Career Find and schedule a meeting to create a re-entry strategy that will help you feel confident as your begin your job search.