Feeling really squeezed and underappreciated in your current role? Does the thought of staying in your current job one more second make you want to jump out the window?  

You are not alone.  A recent What’s Working study indicates  32 percent of employees are actively looking for other work.

Non-Traditional Exit Strategies

Consider These Strategies

If the traditional exit strategy,  Top 10 Things to Do When Leaving a Job,  doesn’t work for you, consider the following:

Leave of absence

Instead of giving your notice, ask to go on a brief leave of absence. Use the time to decompress, get your resume together and start an active job search.

Change in Position Within Company

Leverage your company contacts and connections to try to move to a different position within your current company.  This preserves seniority, vacation time, etc.

Become an Entrepreneur

Work for yourself and set your own schedule.  While this may sound great, you are totally dependent on making a profit with your new business.  So think long and hard before jumping into this. While a perfect fit for some people, it isn’t for everyone.

If you need ideas or help:

Call your Career Coach, Rachel Schneider at Career Find and schedule a meeting to create an exit strategy that will accomplish your goals while leaving your professional integrity intact.