How valuable is the time you spent putting together your resume? Some companies are questioning how efficiently the traditional resume and cover letter realistically portray the applicant.

When hours are spent formatting your resume and then sending it out to your contacts, the goal is to land you an interview. In order for your resume to work for you, you have to accurately represent yourself through descriptive hard and soft professional skills.

How do you accurately highlight your hard and soft skills? Start by making a list of your hard and soft skills. Here are some examples:

Soft Skills:




Hard Skills:

Degree in School

Training Certificates

Proficiency in Foreign Language

Creating a resume that accurately reflects who you are and what you bring to the table is a very difficult art. When it is done successfully, you will separate yourself from everyone else and your resume will rise to the top of the stack.

At Career Find, we work very closely with you in our Resume Critique service to make sure your resume effectively communicates your worth. If you are trying to get your first job out of college or are interested in moving into a c-level position, our expertise can set you apart from your competition.

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