How A Career Coach Can Help You Reach Your Goals

Suppose you’re not where you want to be in your career or your life. A Career Coach might be the answer. You have goals, but you’re slowly inching toward them. Every step you take is a struggle, and you’re just not seeing the desired results. You don’t feel motivated. You feel stuck and helpless to change. 

You’re not alone.   Many people experience feelings of being stuck with their goals and not accomplishing much. You most likely started with plenty of energy, but the energy fizzled out within a few days or weeks. Weeks or maybe even months have passed, and you’re no closer to achieving your goals. 

Stop Getting Stuck

A Career Coach Might Be The Answer for You

An accountability relationship with a career coach is a simple way to get back in gear and start moving forward toward your goals. It’s easy to set a goal and fail to make progress when no one looks over your shoulder. But slacking off is much more difficult when you have a career or accountability coach. This is because we usually work harder to honor commitments we make to others than we do the commitments we make to ourselves.

Consider Weight Watchers. It’s a weight loss program that has accountability built into it. Members are accountable to the leaders and each other, from the weigh-ins to the weekly meetings. The meetings are filled with people who support one another with the goal of improving their health and fitness. 

A Career Coach Will Help You Shape Your Goals

A career coach can help you shape your goals so you set attainable ones. For example, you could set goals to return to school for your degree, get a promotion, learn a new skill, start a side business, or spend more time with loved ones. A career coach acts as an accountability partner who gently points out that they are reasonable goals, but achieving them simultaneously will be challenging.

A Career Coach Will Help You Breakdown Your Goals

It’s good to set ambitious goals that propel you out of your comfort zone and force you to grow. But ambitious goals have to be broken down into smaller steps. That’s where a career coach comes in. They have experience and can help you focus on setting priorities and taking one step at a time until you reach your big goals. 

A Career Coach Will Help You Deal with Roadblocks

Everyone encounters roadblocks at some point when they go after their goals. However, a career coach can help you brainstorm ways to overcome obstacles and succeed. For example, if your goal is to get a promotion, but the tech stuff you are required to use makes you feel confused, then your coach could offer moral support and fresh solutions. She may even know someone who can teach you the tech or give you shortcuts.

With the support of a career coach, you’ll be able to escape the rut you’re in. You’ll also feel more empowered and energized and be able to tackle your goals once again.  

I Am Here To Help

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