Do you ever have days when you just don’t want to work?   Days when you would rather sleep all day, watch TV, or just read a book for pleasure, how about going shopping?   I think we all have days such as this. But most times, we have to dig deep and just do the work.

struggling to do the work

Sure, you can collaborate and share the workload on some projects and delegate things to others in your family or organization. If you are searching for a job, you can hire a coach or even someone to send out resumes. But in most cases, you still have to do some work. YOU are responsible for the end result. YOU have to do some work. The success of whatever you are seeking depends on YOU. Not your coach or your boss, or anyone else. It depends on YOU. So how do you motivate yourself to “Do the work?”

Questions to Ask Yourself

First of all, try to pinpoint why you feel like you would rather do something else.   Are you just procrastinating? Have you been running on a lack of sleep for a while? Do you feel overwhelmed? Is the task boring? Are you afraid of failing?   Once you know the reason, figuring out how to handle the situation is easier.

Do You Have a Fear of Failing?

We all fail at some point. You will need to face this fear sooner or later. If you keep putting it off, you increase your chances of failure since you will have less time to focus on the various tasks.   The only failure is when we don’t try.   As long as you attempt the task and put forth the effort, you will learn something, and most likely, it will be a success; if it is not, you will be closer to future success.

Is the Task Boring? 

 If your task is boring, find a way to make it more interesting. Make a game out of it or challenge yourself to do it faster, find a better way of doing it, meet a certain quota, etc. You can always mix more stimulating tasks with tedious ones.   If working on budgets is boring, but you enjoy writing a newsletter, then work on the budget for an hour and reward yourself with writing the newsletter for an hour.

Are You Overwhelmed?

 If you are overwhelmed and wondering where to begin, break the task into smaller chunks and work on one small part at a time. If you have trouble breaking the task down, ask a coworker or supervisor for help. It is a learned skill. It comes naturally to a few, but everyone can learn how to chunk their projects. If you are overwhelmed with searching for a position or preparing for an interview, hire a coach.

Are You Getting Enough Rest? 

Sleep is so much more important than most of us realize. Too many late nights, no exercise, eating junk food, etc., can all contribute to feeling less energetic than usual. Sometimes we are just plain tired. Try to get at least 7 hours each evening. Eight hours would be better but get at least 7.

Are You Telling Yourself Fibs? 

Don’t believe the fairy tales you tell yourself! If you are convincing yourself you work better under pressure and do better when there is a looming deadline, you are just kidding yourself. You may finally get to it and work quicker, but your work won’t be your best.

Do You Enjoy Procrastination?

If you are putting it off for no particular reason, just delaying getting started, you need to have a talk with yourself and remind yourself to “Just do it!” It is less stressful, and you will do a better job if you just buckle down and “Do the work.”

Sometimes being accountable to someone else helps you to move forward. If you have difficulty disciplining yourself to “do the work,” you might benefit from an accountability partner or coach.   A coach would help you to identify problem areas, set goals, and help you to meet your goals in a specified time.

You will never find that new career, get that promotion, or learn that new skill if you don’t do the work required.  

Whether you choose a coworker, an accountability partner, a coach, a boss, or yourself, I encourage you to be accountable for your actions and just “Do the work!”

I Am Here To Help

I would love to speak with you to determine if I can help you accomplish your goals. If you need guidance on your career, I am here to help.   If you find yourself in a situation where you need career advice or support and want to talk about planning for your future, reach out to me,  Rachel Schneider, at Career Find, for a free Intro Call.