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There is simply no way to overstate the value Ms. Schneider has brought to my career or the peace of mind her counsel has instilled.

I have employed Career Find twice now over the past decade, both times resulting in the same outcome: I got a job paying 2x or 3x more than I’d made with my previous employers.

In my most recent job search, I had struggled for a couple of months, where I’d get through the first or second interview, only to have things go south immediately following the next interview. e.g. “We’ve decided to go in a different, direction; thank you for your interest in [ideal company].”


I finally engaged Ms. Schneider’s services, and we quickly identified some mistakes I was making. There were some additional underlying, personal issues that took a few more sessions to ferret out, and Ms. Schneider demonstrated saintly patience and empathy in helping me overcome them. (Pro interviewing tip: if you have unresolved anger issues surrounding a previous job role, get that stuff worked out before you start the job hunt, lest said issues rear their ugly heads during a crucial interview.)

There are some things with which only a seasoned career coach can assist; a head-shrink won’t cut the mustard. While the latter may possess expertise in cognitive behavioral therapy (overcome general self-destructive behavior), only the former possesses the business acumen and experience as both interviewer and interviewee to prescribe practical solutions for overcoming the esoteric issues in one’s professional life.

My only regret in working with Career Find is that I did not engage Ms. Schneider’s services sooner. I could have saved myself months of despair & anxiety had I reached out right from the start.

Don’t make the same mistake I did. Do the smart thing by getting in touch with Ms. Schneider *before* you start your job search.

Highly recommended.

– Peter P., Houston, TX

Rachel Schneider was referred to me by a close friend whom she had successfully assisted as a career counselor through her career pursuit and reaching her professional goals, from start to present. I was in dire need of guidance. I had no clue what I was getting into, and I am forever grateful for the hook-up.

I had a very untraditional life, academically and otherwise. At the time I reached out to Rachel I had focused on raising my young family and pursuing higher education for the last 10 years. There was a significant and terrifying gap in my resume. Not to mention, I entirely changed fields from what was to what I was hoping to break into, which at the time was a bit unclear. This is a particular struggle for parents who leave the workforce, or never fully enter by choice or circumstances forcing them to stay home to raise / care for children or family, fulltime or periodically.
– Nina S., Berlin, Germany
Administrative/HR Professional

I wanted nothing more than to come into my own, find my way professionally and gain both financial independence and the rewarding feeling that comes with being recognized for work rendered, which is often hard to come by for stay-at-home parents. I was entirely overwhelmed, struggling with no idea where to start, where I belonged or if there was a place for me in this fast-pace, high-tech, hipster, zooming, booming professional world I had not been a part of for close to a decade.

I tried it on my own for a while and was just not advancing, unsure where I was going wrong. I hit a wall, that can only be described as self-paralysis. I was worried all my years of study and work may have been a mistake. Maybe this was it. It was the cause for a lot of marital stress as well, as we had a lot banking on the prospect that once I graduated, we would have a second income and begin to make some much needed financial progress.

Rachel made me feel very comfortable by making clear our sessions were 100% confidential, which prior to our first session gave me some pause, as I experienced some shame and mild embarrassment in my situation. I felt like A PROPER FAILURE. She told me about herself and what to expect, with her incredibly warm yet confident manner, allowing for a swift ice-break, wiping out any reservations I had. This was indeed a safe space, and I could be honest and vulnerable with her in sharing my history, which I immediately felt comfortable to do. She explained, the more she knew the better equipped she was to tailor her time and efforts to my needs and the farther we’d come / sooner we’d get where we needed to go.

Rachel, got to know my situation well. She heard my concerns and walked me through every detail, every step of the way. Together, we examined: strengths, weaknesses, interests, availability, and personal ambitions, of course keeping in mind the values near and dear to me when considering the types of positions that would be a most-suitable-fit. We set some realistic goals, determined objectives, put together my portfolio, tailoring resume and cover letter to the best-fit positions of interested, while learning to adapt / pair to each position and description, ultimately empowering me to do what needed to be done, well prepared.

She helped me transform my soft skills and non-traditional experience into something marketable: a particular challenge for those who have plenty to offer but with little to no professional experience to demonstrate it, transforming my experience into professional jargon that future employers could understand.

We went over everything from: hot button words, job search organizations, interview prep, dress code, power-poses, the interview itself, post interview follow-up, application progress tracking, the call after, etc. She taught me how to navigate through the entire process from start to finish and left me confident enough to do the work on my own, while knowing I had her as my support system to fall back on, when the uncertainty or situation in question was beyond the realm of my scope. Much like a child with training wheels. I was ready to spread my professional wings and fly and would not be left high and dry. (Without a safety net – may be better)

My progress to date: 2,5 years ago, together with Rachel I secured my first position, after 10 years as a stay-at-home mom / student. After interview #1 with an amazing company near to my home and kids’ schools, I received an offer the next morning. I worked with that firm for about 6 months before I had to unexpectedly move oversees for family issues. My employers were sad to see me go but wrote the most incredible reviews for future employers.

I gave myself 6 months to settle in overseas and get back to work, then Covid-19 happened, and 6 months turned to 2 years. Eager but discouraged, I got back on the job search. This time, I began the process with more confidence, and after several interviews and, if we are keeping it real, handfuls of rejection letters – after a 5-count grueling interview process, this amazing international company made me an offer for their HR department. I start September 1, 2021.

I was in communication with Rachel when it came to their offer and negotiation / International correspondence thereafter since that too was a first. She helped me navigate through the entire process to acceptance, which again was very helpful, not being at it alone.

I could not have done it without her. Well, as she would probably say, you could have, but just didn’t know it.

The first time I relied more heavily on her but much less this time. That is the goal after all. However, knowing that Rachel is there with her expertise in moments of uncertainty, and ready to walk me though each challenge, is an incredible and 100% well worthwhile assurance.

I am forever grateful and can only recommend Rachel to anyone considering working with a career counselor or exploring professional changes at whatever stage you find yourself in. I know with full confidence, that Rachel will be a continued and reliable support for any professional career guidance ahead. I am in the very best hands. Guaranteed.


Rachel Schneider is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable. She did tremendous work on my resume and I would recommend her services to anyone.
– Eric P. New Braunfeld, TX
Risk Assessor, Process Improvement

I’ve worked with Rachel Schneider as my Career Coach for almost 4 years and it’s always been a great experience. She’s able and willing to help with all aspects of career coaching, from resume building, interview tips, and providing sound career advice. I recently landed a new opportunity. Throughout the process, I found myself reaching out to her, often times with little or no notice, when it got closer to making important career decisions. She was always just a phone call away. I highly recommend Rachel Schneider!
– Brian B., Pearland TX
Accounting & Finance, C-Suite Executive

I started working with Rachel in 2020 after losing my job of over 15 years due to covid. I was not sure what direction to go but after help from Rachel my focus and resume started to take shape. After completed with her magic on how to tell my story for future possible employers I started receiving invitations for interviews. During that time Rachel continued to guide me through the process. I firmly believe with without her skills and patience I could not have reached my goals.

Thank you Rachel for all of your help.
– Mark P., Fulshear, TX

Rachel is nothing short of Amazing!!! When I found Career Find my career was stagnant. It seems like the world was speeding up so fast after the pandemic. Rachel helped and motivated me through our career conversations. She listened, and most importantly, she saw me. I felt empowered after each talk, and she pointed out skills I couldn’t see. I couldn’t have chosen a better company. I will continue to use Career Find in the future.
– Carl R., Houston, TX

Rachel has aided me in navigating some challenging conversations with leadership in communicating your desires in a professional manner by guiding me through the painstaking process of negotiating.

This has helped me achieve not only what I want right now, and it has also given me the confidence to have these discussions in the future.
– Vamsi K., Houston, TX
HRIS Professional

Rachel helped me build my career path after graduating from college. Her advice and support were invaluable during this transition in my life.
– Kyle O., Houston, TX
Energy Industry

Rachel Schneider was the encouragement and mentor I needed to continue growing my career. She gave me the encouragement to ask for the raise I was due and helped me prepare for the conversation, while also helping me understand my value at the company.
– Alexis M., Houston, TX
Medical Industry

I knew the content I wanted to have on my resume, but had no good starting point for getting that information across in a clear and concise manner. Rachel Schneider really was great at getting your skills and experience out of you and then putting it into a crisp and clean looking format to make sure that you are accurately describing what you can bring to the table.
– Robert U., Midland, TX
Accounting & Finance Industry

Rachel truly empowers clients and helps determine which career path/ job/position is right for you based on your current motivations, experiences, and priorities for your career. In addition Rachel helps you take steps towards that path and provides invaluable feedback to help you find success. Rachel is fantastic at helping to re-work a resume, prepare for interviews, and help you through your journey!
– Shannon O., Houston, TX
Pharmaceutical Industry

Rachel is a such a great and thoughtful resource for anyone at a proverbial crossroads in their career or just needing a good sounding board. Rachel was responsive, optimistic and creative in her approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for some positive insight and feedback on their career and what else is out there. She’s great!
– Michael C., Houston, TX
Legal Industry

My Career Coach Rachel Schneider was phenomenal to work with. Her insight into the business world and management stands unrivaled. She knew exactly what the resume reading process looks like from an employer perspective. I appreciate the insight she gave, and look forward to a brighter career as a result of our working together.

Update April 2019: Your help allowed me to land a really great position. The resume helped set me apart from all other applicants. I received a 40% increase in salary by making the move to a new place of employment. This would never have happened without the resume help you provided.
– Jake E., Buffalo, WV
501 (c)(3) Religious Organization 

Rachel worked with me over 7 years ago to get me where I am today. She perfected my resume, which is a job not many can do well, but she does! She has a way with words and she knows all the right lingo that potential recruiters are in search of. She also took a lot of time to talk me through the interview process and was great at giving advice on what questions would be asked, and how to answer them. She has so much energy, I don’t know how she does it all! She really listens and gets to the bottom of your tasks at work in order to word it so articulately on your resume. I would HIGHLY recommend Rachel, and if I am ever looking for another job, I will certainly call on Rachel and Career Find to help me in that huge endeavor. However, she helped me find my dream job!
– Cheryl A., Round Rock, TX
Engineering Industry

Struggling to pivot my career from a technical services/operations role at a major oilfield services firm to corporate finance, I was making little headway. Someone at a corporate finance professional society in Houston referred me to a recruiter, who took a look at my resume. The recruiter, noting that my the resume would not help with the pivot, referred me to Rachel.

Rachel accepted the challenge of restructuring my resume into an effective career and job search tool. During each of our discussions, she listened patiently to what I had to say, returned some constructive feedback, and gave prudent suggestions. She asked many good questions and really got to know my professional situation. Taking the input from our discussions, Rachel transformed my resume into something I can be proud of and use moving forward.

I enthusiastically recommend Rachel for resume work and other professional career services.
– Carl A., Meadows Place, TX
Oil Industry

Working with my Career Coach Rachel Schneider was a fantastic experience. I first reached out to her and asked for her 11th-hour services. I had an immediate need to prep for an interview the next day with some challenging circumstances to explain to my potential new employer. Rachel made time in her schedule to help me with this immediate need. We worked late on a Tuesday night and then again Wednesday morning, utilizing her 11th-hour skill set to help me feel comfortable, calm, collected, and ready to explain why I was currently unemployed. Without her help, I would have stumbled through my answers. She helped me with confidence and how to address the issue while staying positive and focused on the new job opportunity. I continued to work with Rachel to go through Job Search Strategies and Resume Building. These were incredibly helpful sessions to revamp my job search efforts and resume. All of these efforts came together – I was extended an offer and went from being unemployed and needing 11th hour help to finding a new and positive next step in my career. I cannot recommend working with Rachel Schneider and Career Find enough. She is incredibly professional, resourceful, and polished and will help you find success, no matter your circumstances, to reach your job search goals.
– Shannon O., Houston, TX
Pharmaceutical Industry

Career Coach Rachel Schneider is great to work with for several reasons. One of her greatest strengths is her incredible networking ability. Rachel has contacts in a variety of fields and in different practice settings all over the country. She has fostered and maintained these relationships and can leverage her network to help her clients. Whether it’s making a simple introduction or making a connection that leads to a job offer, Rachel Schneider’s ability to network will teach you how to network and can help you find your next career opportunity!
– Kenneth H., Richmond, TX

I was preparing to interview for the second full-time job of my adult life, here in Berlin, Germany, and the position was exactly the move I was looking for. Rachel Schneider’s thorough and insightful advice helped me put together both answers and questions for my interviewers, who were amazed to see that I’d arrived in that room even more prepared than they were. Most importantly, she helped me picture that meeting from their perspective, not only from mine. From across the ocean, that advice was just as valuable – if anything, it injected a bit of American confidence and ambition that impressed my German interviewers and landed me the job.
– Jake S., Berlin, Germany
Journalism Industry

My Career Coach Rachel Schneider was a pleasure to work with. I felt like she truly cared about me and wanted to see me succeed. Rachel identified my career goals and helped me tailor my resume to fit my experiences. I would recommend Career Find’s services to anyone looking for a career change or needing resume help.
– Alexis M., College Station, TX
Medical Industry

I procrastinated on updating my resume for several years. A friend of mine recommended I call Rachel Schneider at Career Find. I enjoyed the the process of updating my resume with Rachel because I was involved in the entire process. She doesn’t just interview you for an hour and then provide you with a completed resume. Rachel empowered me to participate, learn and understand the process of updating my resume. I learned so much from Rachel’s vast amount of knowledge on the subject of resumes and job hunting. I now have the knowledge to personalize my resume based on the job I’m applying for. There is more work to be done and I will continue to use Rachel’s services.
– Alison L., Houston, TX
Banking Industry

It was such a pleasure to work with my Career Coach, Rachel Schneider. Being a business owner for eight years, I was a little out of touch with doing a resume. I reached out to Rachel for help, although I wasn’t sure what to expect. Rachel did a great job at explaining the process and setting my expectations. She was very detailed and helpful in completing my resume and bringing it up to date. I would highly recommend working with Rachel Schneider to anyone seeking help with there resume.
– Neitra B., Houston, TX
Corporate Consultant

First of all, let me say that Rachel Schneider, Career Coach at CareerFind, will do everything she says, and so much more. She is not a pushy seller, so you won’t spend more with her than you need to improve your situation. If you haven’t called her, don’t waste time because when you do she will truly LISTEN to you.

I have sent some people to her who I believed needed better financial outcomes from work. She has helped them tremendously and their new resumes are job-magnets.
– Albert O., Houston, TX
Accounting Industry

I had not prepared a resume in over 10 years. After struggling on my own in trying to get an interview and failing, I contacted Rachel Schneider at Career Find and she helped me build my resume from scratch. It was great and easy experience. The first week after sending out the new resume I had 2 interviews. The HR contact for one of the interviews complimented me on the structure of my resume. I would recommend Rachel and Career Find to anyone looking to get the tools needed for job searching.
– Kevin D., Houston, TX
Events  Industry

Wow. Wow. Working with Career Coach Rachel Schneider was great! I met Rachel through a friend of mine who knew that I was looking for new opportunities, however I had one crucial problem. I had a horrid resume. Rachel fixed that and then some. Over the course of a few weeks, Rachel helped me get my resume in tip top shape and interview ready. One of the things that I appreciated most, was how straight forward and frank Rachel was with me. I plan to continue working with her as I progress through my career. You cannot go wrong working with Rachel Schneider as your Career Coach. I am happy to recommend her to anyone seeking a Career Coaching services. She’s awesome! Give Career Find a call.

UPDATE: As of 1/21/15, I’ve been on multiple interviews (phone and in person) and I’ve also received multiple offers!! I credit this directly to my Career Coach, Rachel Schneider, and all of her help. She will say that it was more me, and the work that I did to get these opportunities, however I feel that without Rachel’s guidance, advice and expertise with resumes, that I wouldn’t have been able to move as quickly as I have. If you are seeking help with your career, look no further. I plan to continue working with Rachel Schneider as my career continues to grow and change.
– Derrick I., Kansas, MO
IT Industry

I would HIGHLY recommend working with Rachel Schneider to anyone looking to take the next step in their career whatever that may be.

I’ll admit I was hesitant about the initial investment and concerned over the unknown ROI. Within minutes of beginning our first Career Coaching session, any concerns I had were replaced with confident satisfaction that I’d made an excellent decision. My only regret is that I didn’t get started sooner. The initial investment seems so insignificant now.

As a result of working with Rachel, I’ve been able to take my career further in a couple months than I had been able to do on my own over the course of years. Rachel helped me tremendously throughout a very long, and grueling interview process, and helped put at ease any stress I felt throughout.

I can tell you without hesitation that my return on investment has been several hundredfold. Do yourself a favor: get started IMMEDIATELY. The longer you wait, the more you’re costing yourself, and the greater regret you’ll feel later on.
– Phil P., Houston, TX
Insurance Industry

I highly recommend working with Rachel Schneider, Career Coach. Her guidance and advice gave me the focus and edge I needed to stand out from the competition. I believe my time on the job market was greatly reduced as a direct result of working with the process and techniques provided by Rachel. I found her to be professional, a great listener, patient and a personal cheerleader when I needed it. This was the best investment I have made in furthering my career goals. Now that I have my dream job, I plan to continue working with Rachel in order to advance.
– Roz Y., Pearland, TX
Recruiting Industry

I came to Rachel Schneider to help me change careers and with out her help I would not be where I am today. By working with Rachel, I was able to learn what makes a resume stand out, what my best qualities are, and how to talk about my resume and qualities during an interview. I loved how during our one-on-one time, she really focused on me and gave me the gems to make me stand out from the rest. Besides just working on my resume, she helped me with the interview process as well such as what to expect, how to deal with nerves, and what the best questions are to ask. I really loved how she worked one-on-one with me and made me confident that I can land any job that I want.
– Kara M., Los Angeles, CA
Entertainment Industry

Career Find helped me tailor my resume to find the job I wanted. In a tough job market, my resume was chosen out of over 700 applicants. They also sharpened my interviewing skills to where I felt confident and prepared for every type of interview. Through Career Find, I have opened a new window of opportunity in my career.
– Trey P., Denver, CO
Oil & Gas Industry

I was interviewing for a new job & getting no where. I received no phone calls back, no emails, no nothing. Then I got a referral to Rachel from a very good friend & she changed my life. Rachel was invaluable & very knowledgeable in regards to the interviewing process. She guided me through what to say in an actual interview that would meke them want to hire me. She gave me tips, pointers & questions to ask them that made them take notice. We even did a mock interview & I learned from that. She taught me how to wrap the interview up so that they would get back with me promptly. Rachel gave me the the self-confidence, the knowledge, and a huge boost in self-esteem to go forward into an interview & nail it. Thank you so very much, Rachel, for all you did for me.
– Donna K., Charleston,  SC
Medical Industry

I have never used a service like this one before and I must admit was a bit hesitant at first. I am one who suffers from what I believe are common difficulties in landing the perfect job in one area – interview preparation. I recognized that I truly needed an expert to step in and assist me. One day a recruiter recommended Rachel Schneider as a resource to me and I must say that now I am a believer!

Well let me just say that after working with Rachel, she has far exceeded my expectations in assisting me with overcoming those common jitters and mistakes that most people face in job interviews and interview preparation.

Having worked in the recruiting industry, she was able to share some valuable insight on the particular things that hiring managers look for and consider “deal breakers”. This provided me with some inside knowledge of various things which I truly had not considered was a hindrance to my job search. Upon giving her explanations, they were totally logical.

Now that I understand what my needs are I am confident that going forward after addressing those problem areas, I can land the position that I want and desire. I can say that I would recommend Rachel Schneider to anyone who is seeking assistance in their career.
– Karen H., Sugar Land, TX
Accounting Industry

My son, Michael, was hired right out of college and worked for a company for six years until it was taken over and the new company moved the assets to India and terminated the employees.

Due to the economy, coupled with the 23 million people unemployed, Michael was having a hard time securing employment, especially since he wanted to move to a more stable industry compared to the one he had been in previously. He had tried several Employment Agencies to no avail. A friend of his recommended he meet with Rachel Schneider to discuss his situation.

Michael immediately connected with Rachel. After their initial conversation, Rachel indicated Michael needed to overhaul his resume. His resume needed to appeal to industries other than the one he had been in previously and it was not doing so and also emphasize his strengths that would appeal to other industries.

As a parent, I got concerned when Michael had not had any interviews yet. After he started dealing with Rachel I automatically assumed things would happen quickly. When I asked him about it, Michael suggested I call and talk to Rachel myself so she could explain the process she was going through with Michael. With Michael’s approval, I contacted Rachel for an explanation. She was very detailed in her explanation to me and I began to understand the process she needed to implement that would result in Michael securing employment. Once the resume was done to their satisfaction, Rachel determined Michael was not ready to go through the interview process. She explained he had only interviewed for his previous job and, at that time, there were a multiple of positions to fill so the interview process was much easier than what he would encounter in the current job market. They had to go through an interview role playing process until both Michael and Rachel felt he was ready.

With Rachel’s help, Michael revamped his resume to appeal to multiple industries as well as schooling him on how to interview properly. Rachel played a major role in Michael getting a job in a new industry. There is no doubt that, without Rachel’s professional guidance and direction, Michael would still be trying to find a job. When an job opportunity came up, Michael went into the interview full of confidence and got the job in a new industry that has the growth and future opportunities he had been seeking.

I can’t thank Rachel enough for her help with my son. I strongly recommend her for anyone that is trying to find a job.
– Richard K., Houston, TX
Mortgage Industry

I can’t say enough about how much Rachel Schneider helped me in my transition between a lay-off and a desire to switch industries. She was with me every step of the way, from a complete resume overhaul to strengthening my interviews skills. As long as you put in the time, learn and discuss everything you will be rewarded with a new found confidence walking into the interviews. Rachel was there to answer any questions I had, even on days we weren’t scheduled to talk. That speaks volumes about the type of person Rachel Schneider is. All the hard work paid off and there aren’t enough Thank You’s to explain my appreciation.
– Jason K., Cypress, TX
Insurance Industry

Working with Career Find was a great experience. My Career Coach’s hands-on approach was refreshing, really made me think, take a step back and evaluate my career progress so that I could put my best foot forward.
– Tim S., Houston, TX
Construction Industry

I was unhappy at my old job and started looking for a potential new career in my spare time. On my own, I was not confident, was unsure about my interviewing skills and worried about how I came across to potential employers. After a few months of dead ends, I spoke with Career Find to discuss my situation. I soon realized the mistakes I was making and made changes. I immediately had confidence in myself and my skills. I was able to find the job I was looking for in less than two weeks after my initial meeting. I am now very happy at my new job and could not have done it without Career Find.
– Leslie N., Houston, TX
Sales Industry

I was at a crossroads in my career, not only changing jobs but making a leap into a completely new industry as well. In a precarious job market, it felt like the odds were heavily against me. Amid all that, my Career Find Coach, Rachel Schneider, was an invaluable help to me, assisting me with every aspect of my job search, from refining my resumé to preparing for interviews, and more. Rachel gave specific advice tailored to my unique needs and situation, which ultimately gave me confidence to reach beyond even my own expectations. The results? — An excellent job that I am very happy in and feel well suited for, after a relatively short search. Thank you Rachel Schneider! You provide a top-notch service, which I have and will highly recommend to my friends.
– Anne A., Houston, TX
Oil & Gas Industry

I had been out of the IT industry for 5+ years and, although I knew I wanted back in, I lacked the confidence to make it happen. That’s when I decided to turn to Career Find. My Career Coach, Rachel Schneider, started by helping me clean up my resume and really make it shine. We also worked on interviewing skills and negotiating techniques. She gave me the confidence I needed to not only nail the interview, but to also negotiate a salary 10K higher than where I thought I could be. Thanks Rachel Schneider and Career Find! I will recommend you to everyone I know.
– Cameron A., Kingwood, TX
IT Industry

My Career Find Career Coach was Rachel Schneider.  She was deeply knowledgeable about the process and steps to finding and attaining an excellent career. Her ability to effectively communicate the information and practice runs helped me land a fantastic new opportunity! I’ve recommended Career Find to several friends already.
– Ryan R., Bellingham, WA
IT Industry

I found Rachel Schneider, Career Coach, through a family member and from the start was so impressed with her skills, developing my resume, not just what I have done in my profession, but to tell a story of who I am as an individual. Rachel, thank you so much for your help.
– Mark P., Fulshear, TX
Medical Sales Industry

Rachel Schneider, my Career Coach, worked with me regarding a re-work of my cv / resume. I found her to be: punctual, reliable, engaging, efficient, supportive and knowledgeable. We worked quickly and with a sense of humour and she has my full recommendation.
– Anthony M., Houston, TX
Finance Industry

I was referred to Career Find by a colleague. I have many ‘superhero’ powers in my professional career in multiple industries, and I was struggling to find the right resume to showcase my talents, skills, and abilities. With the first introductory call, I hired Rachel Schneider as my Career Coach. The journey has been enlightening, educational and inspirational. She quickly assessed my skills and categorized my superhero strengths. The result was a powerful consultative approach resume that emphasized my hard (technical) and soft (human ) traits. I am at the point in my career where I am at mid-management moving to an executive position. With this resume, I believe my next job is in the near future.
– Robin D., Webster, TX
Marketing Industry

My experience with Career Find was amazing. Rachel, my Career Coach, was incredibly flexible, encouraging, and easy to work with during this process. She was able to customize her services to what I needed in a very short amount of time. Her ability to think on her feet, move quickly, and make adjustments to help me are some reasons why she is so incredible. She empowered me to build my own resume and prepare interview answers. Rachel is dedicated to helping her clients find their own success and will be your greatest supporter!
– Shannon O., Pearland, TX
Medical Industry

Working with Career Find has really helped me take a dedicated moment to analyze and reflect on my professional accomplishments and determine what I would like to do next. Knowing I can count on their experienced support and guidance has been invaluable to me. Rachel Schneider, my Career Coach, has continuously reminded me to focus on my strengths, as this will ultimately be what ensures I enjoy and continue flourishing in my next career move. What is it exactly that life has in store for me? I‘m not really sure, but what I know is that after having worked with Rachel Schneider and Career Find, I feel fully confident and prepared to present a sound business case to any organization that I may interview with, and communicate how my professional background, experiences and strengths can prove to be a very valuable asset to their team.
– Jennifer D., Houston, TX
Accounting Industry

I was supposed to meet Rachel Schneider at a breakfast networking event over a year ago. My schedule changed and we were not able to meet. I did call to thank her for her invitation and the result was an inspiring conversation about coaching, mentoring and helping people. I quickly realized that I had done that all my life as a career military officer and continue to do so today. Our conversation spurred me to continue to develop those skills through professional education so that I could better coach and mentor people who sought my advice. A brief introductory conversation with Career Coach Rachel Schneider helped me choose a path that I desired to pursue!
– Joe F., Houston, TX
HR Industry

Career Find’s Rachel Schneider was fantastic to work with and she helped me every step of the way in my job search (Resume Critique, Job Search Strategies, Interview Prep, and Salary Negotiation). Even though I don’t live in the same city, we were able to accomplish everything over the phone and through emails. She is very motivational and has a lot of energy; it is hard not to have that rub off on you to keep you extra motivated to keep looking for your next position. Searching for a new job is exhausting and can take a lot of time. The resume she helped me put together from my original draft was amazing. She took the time to delve down into my job duties and really understood and worded everything in such a professional and clear-cut manner. I sent out six resumes, got two interviews and after the first interview was done, I got a job offer! Rachel’s work didn’t stop there. She listened and gave wonderful advice when it came to making the decision to move on from my current company once and for all. She is readily available and so willing to help. She also let me come to my own decisions, is a great listener, and gives advice when it is needed the most. She does something most people can’t…Rachel lets you make your own decisions and supports you every step of the way. Most people want to tell you what is best for you, but not Rachel Schneider. She has a rare gift! Thanks for everything!!!
– Cheryl A., Pflugerville, TX
Nursing Industry

Rachel, I just wanted to let you know how my job search went. You helped me create a really good resume and I wanted you to know it. Although at the time I was looking for an Accounting Manager position, I kept looking at those type jobs and thinking, that doesn’t really sound like what would make me happy. Then, in October, an opportunity popped up on the radar screen from within my own company. It was a chance to move up and out of accounting altogether. I interviewed with 4 Commercial Directors, 1 Vice President, and 1 Senior Vice President. 5 of those 6 commented on what an excellent resume I had. I got the job in Midland, TX as a Commercial Supply Representative which is another name for Gas Buyer. It is Front Office whereas I’ve spent most of my career in Back Office functions. I want to do this for several years before I finally retire.

Thanks for the help. I think my money was spent. One just never knows in which direction a job search will take you once you commit to that road. By the way, I only edited one sentence at the top to change what I was looking for from Accounting Manager to Commercial Supply Representative. I snagged a level III position which is 1 grade higher than an Accounting Supervisor. My next step up will be to Commercial Manager which is 3 grades higher than where I was as an Acct. Supervisor.

The final step or 2 on my career is now in place and your resume building helped significantly.

When people do a good job, I believe in letting them know. Thanks again.
– Alan B., Katy, TX
Oil & Gas Industry

During my recent experience working with Career Find, I found Rachel Schneider to be the consummate professional. Additionally, she helped me provide a path in moving to the next stage of my professional career. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the job market, I would strongly recommend teaming with Career Find for every stage of your career path.
– Vicki R., Cypress, TX
Oil & Gas Industry

Rachel Schneider was such a blessing to have! She was thorough and methodical in her approach to helping me get my resume in order. I feel a lot more confident now that I have had her professional touch. She explained the theory behind the writing which will help me in the future when it comes to adding to my resume or revising it for a specific job. Rachel is an amazing teacher!
– James B., Austin, TX
Accounting Industry

I got in contact with Career Find to request their help in updating and improving my resume. I thought the kind of service I would receive would be limited to a nice document written by them, but I was greatly surprised when I learned about their process during the consultation call.

Carrer Find is all about team work, where the clients do their “homework” based on what has been dicussed during the meetings and Carrer Find review and incorporate it into de resume; Carrer Find is about coaching the clients to help them to achieve their professional goals; Carrer Find is about providing the clients tips to get the interviewers attention, tips to adjust the resume according to the job opportunities, tips to take advantage of the personal values in an interview and work environment.

Working with Carrer Find make me feel like if I were attended an MBA class. I am very satisfied with the service and very grateful for all they taught me.
– Carolina R., Houston, TX
Oil & Gas Industry

The time I spent working on my resume with my Career Coach was extremely beneficial and rewarding. She made sure I understood each area of my resume, the importance of the information contained, and the relevance of where it was placed. My Career Coach was Rachel Schneider and she is extremely passionate about spring-boarding her clients to success. She is so passionate that she took more than my allotted time, when necessary, to ensure full understanding and forward steps for us both. I never expected that my journey in updating my resume would result in a new found self-confidence. Rachel helped shed light on the many steps I had already taken toward self development, when all I could see was functional words. I definitely recommend Career Find and Rachel Schneider to anyone! Completely worth your time, effort & money.
– Monica H., Houston, TX
HR Industry

Thank you so much for your help and guidance, Rachel Schneider. Working with you was key in my decision to make a career move for the better. I realized, after I gave my two weeks notice, that my former employer really did not have a plan for me. If I hadn’t taken the steps to manage my career and work with you, I think that I would have ended up very frustrated. I will definitely recommend Career Find to anyone who is looking for any kind of career guidance. You did such a great job.
– Brooke A., Houston, TX
Engineering Industry

My Career Coach provided me with very helpful tips and advice on developing my resume and how to find a job. After each session, I began to feel more and more confident and positive about finding my next job. She not only had great wisdom and experiences to share with me, she also helped me to realize my value and potential. The advice that she gave better prepared me for my new job. I am very glad I was able to work with Career Find and Rachel Schneider!
– Ryan R., Sugar Land, TX
Sales Industry

The work that my Career Find Career Coach, Rachel Schneider, led me through has continued to be helpful well beyond completing my consultation sessions with her. I have revisited my notes several times, and am using them to help me develop a long-term outlook, in addition to the immediate help she provided when we worked together several months ago. I have recommended others to Career Find, and will continue to do so.
– Dovie C., Houston, TX
Engineering Industry

The services provided by Career Find are second to none. My Career Coach was Rachel Schneider and she provides personalized and in-depth advice that takes your resume, job search, and networking skills to the highest level. She evaluates every angle and follows up with you to ensure your success. Her guidance has been invaluable and has truly transformed my job search methods. I will continue to use the services offered by Career Find and will recommend Rachel Schneider to all my friends!
– Stephen C., Houston,  TX
Health & Fitness Industry

I worked with Career Find during my job search in 2009 and it was a great experience. My Career Coach, Rachel Schneider, aided me with addressing references, interviewing, resume review and most importantly, keeping the right frame of mind during a difficult time. Her education, experience and personality are well suited to aiding people going through a psychologically difficult time and keeping the search going positively. I will work with her again and recommend her to everyone without reservation!
– Lee M., Houston, TX
Finance Industry

Career Find’s Career Coaches are very professional and are always thinking ahead. This allows them to take the extra step to deliver more than what is asked of them. Not one to shy away from a problem, Career Coach Rachel Schneider will take on (and conquer) the toughest challenges with hard work and determination. Best of all, her positive attitude and engaging personality make her a joy to be around and work with.
– James M., Houston, TX
Marketing Industry

I would highly recommend using Rachel Schneider with Career Find for your next career consulting needs. She draws on a wealth of experience from being a recruiter, and has honed those skills to help job candidates not only get jobs, but also get the salary/benefits they deserve. I have seen her work with one of her clients and was absolutely amazed! She covers everything from body language to resume content to salary negotiation. This client landed the job and was able to negotiate a great salary as well!
– Julie R., Houston TX
Marketing Industry

My Career Find Career Coach was a highly driven individual who exceeded my expectations. In addition, she was the able to see connections and bridges where others pass over them. I look forward to the opportunity to work with Career Find again.
– Roger P., Katy TX
IT Industry

Rachel Schneider, Career Coach, is a super performer and a very hard worker. She does not believe in allowing projects or ideas to diminish when serious value is at stake. She cares about her duties as well as her profession. Anyone and everyone would be exceedingly fortunate to have someone like Rachel on their team. When you utilize Rachel Schneider for a task or project, you are obtaining a great result – which is the biggest asset you can ask for in a person.
– Carl R., Houston, TX

After working for 13 years at the same company, I knew it was time for a change but I didn’t know where to start. A friend of mine suggested I contact Career Find for help. One of their Career Coaches worked with me to update and polish my resume. I learned what to expect when interviewing and how to negotiate my salary. I am SO glad that I decided to call Career Find. As a result, I started getting calls to schedule interviews and I felt more confident in myself and what I had to offer an employer. I was able to relax and really shine in my interviews and when it came time to negotiate my salary, I knew exactly what to do! Thank you so much Career Find! I could not have done it without you!
– Jane S., New York NY
Sales Industry

I hired Career Find in 2009 after hearing Career Coach Rachel Schneider speak at an event. It was clear that she had a clear understanding and a genuine desire to help her clients. I believe that Rachel’s talent is unsurpassed in her field as she has shown me that Career Find creates the best possible chance for her clients to land that perfect job. The first resume I wrote, which I thought was pretty good, was sent to The Ladders and CareerBuilder for their critiques. They both butchered what I thought was a masterpiece. After Rachel helped me rewrite it, I sent it to The Ladders and CareerBuilder again, only for it to be returned with a couple of suggestions for change, which I thought was subjective. That is a clear testament to Career Find and to Rachel Schneider’s work.
– Ernie M., Houston, TX
IT Industry

Job searching is something I’ve always dreaded – the nervous feeling of interviewing, that’s if I get that far in the process with a company. Rachel’s guidance helped the process flow and built a foundation for areas I was weak. She taught me how to write my resume instead of having her or someone else write it. I can use this skill later in my career. She walked me through interviewing, networking, and has the insights of a recruiter’s mind. Everything I spoke of seems easy or a breeze, but when doing so correctly, the search time is cut in half. I’m very thankful for her guidance, personality, and service.
– Keithan O., Houston, TX
Accounting, Fraud, and Audit Industry