When you are in the process of interviewing for a job, don’t forget a very important step… the post-interview Thank You note.

In this competitive job market, people write Thank You notes more than you may think. An emailed Thank You note is better than sending nothing, however in order to stand out from the crowd, you have to write, not type, a killer Thank You note.  Consider doing both – writing and sending an email Thank You note right after the interview ends, and then sending a handwritten note to follow up!

Why Do Both?

Isn’t it redundant, you may be thinking? Well, we are in a very technologically connected society. It would be odd to not email a Thank You note right away, in which you thank them for taking the time to meet with you, express your interest in moving forward in the hiring process, and indicate that you want the job.

Then, you write a handwritten Thank You note and send it the same day.

The emailed Thank You note shows them that you are tenacious, very interested in the role and are excited about the opportunity.  The longer you wait to email a Thank You note, the less interested you look, and they may move forward with someone else who shows more enthusiasm.

Not many people write Thank You notes by hand anymore because email is so easy.  Taking the time to write a handwritten Thank You note, finding a stamp, putting it on the letter and dropping it in the mailbox shows potential employers that you are very interested in the role and are willing to take extra time to show them how much you want the job.  By the time your handwritten Thank You note reaches their desk, the potential employer will have moved on to other tasks and will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by you, days after your interview. It makes a fantastic impression.

Tips for Writing A Thank You Note

While a bad Thank You note will most likely not reverse the opinion of the interviewer, a good one may make a difference.  So how do you write that winning Thank You note?

Whether writing an email Thank You or a handwritten Thank You note, the following tips will help you to compose a memorable note.

Thank you note emailThank Them

Remember to thank them for their time and the interview.

Reference The Interviewer’s Comment

Don’t be afraid to reference a comment made by the interviewer.  Reflect back on the conversation and mention at least one point of interest.  For example, “You mentioned your group has been extra busy since the merger and I appreciate you spending an hour of your time with me.” or showcase your qualifications, “You mentioned the need for graphic design skills, I’ve created graphic designs for several years for xxx company.”

Provide Qualification and Experience Proof

Offer proof of your qualifications and experiences. Reference specific details from the interview that remind the interviewer how your skills could help the company.

Keep Your Promises

If you told them you would provide something or send links, be sure to include them.  Even if you didn’t promise them you can always send a link to an online portfolio or another item of interest that lends credibility to your application.

Keep It Short

The interviewer’s time is limited.  Keep your note short and sweet and to the point.

Use Your Full Name

Sign with both your first and last name and if sending an email, include your contact info. (There could be a dozen people with the same first name applying.)

Proofread - Thank you note secretsProofread

Besides obviously spelling the interviewer’s name wrong; are there typos or grammar mistakes in your note? If so, you run the risk of looking sloppy and/or unprofessional.  Always proofread and it helps to read it out loud to make sure the flow sounds nice.

Be Specific

Don’t be too generic. Could someone who didn’t even participate in the interview have written this? If your answer is yes, start all over.  Be specific!

Be Timely

Send the Thank You notes as soon as possible.  Keep your name at the forefront of the interviewer’s mind.  The emailed Thank You note should be emailed RIGHT AWAY after the interview.  Use nice stationery and nice penmanship when writing your handwritten note, and put in the mailbox the same day.

If you want the job, it’s worth the time to handwrite a Thank You note.  A well written Thank You note will help improve your chances of moving forward in the interviewing process. It’s one of those things that helps to differentiate you from the pack and shows that you are not afraid to put in the work and go above and beyond, which are all good things that employers want their employees to possess.

Thank you not secretsInfographic for Email Thank You Notes

Check out this link to an infographic created by a Recruiter I love to refer clients to (Diane Delgado LeMaire) that shows the steps in sending an email Thank You note.

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