Feeling recharged after your holiday break?

We all need a work life balance to be happy. This year make a new years resolution you can keep. When it comes to taking time off from work in 2012 make it a point to recharge and level the playing field between work stress and real-life responsibilities.

When we feel fresh and balanced, we are more likely to see opportunities to stand out from our co-workers. When used to our advantage, vacations can clear our minds to focus and accomplish more in less time allowing an all around productivity increase.

Maybe you are in the job hunt and you assume this theory does not apply to you, well you are wrong.

When actively or passively looking for a job it is important to be firmly grounded, balanced and calm internally. Taking time to recharge helps refresh your attitude. This attitude change will help differentiate you from other candidates in the job market.

In an age where companies expect employees to go above and beyond, be available 24/7 and employees expect to be over-worked, time off plays a more important role in an employee’s life than ever before.

Of course you won’t be expected to pass up that trip to Vegas, but don’t forget to give yourself time to recharge. Keeping this new years resolution will be the easiest thing you give yourself permission to do.