Here in the United States, there has been quite a lot of talk about lies, “alternative facts”, and truth in the past few weeks.  It is difficult to decipher what is honest and real when being fed a mixture of all three of these.  In contrast, in the context of a resume, it is quite clear.


No Room for Falsification

In the world of resumes, there is absolutely NO room for falsification of facts, employment history, skills, education, certifications, licenses, etc. A resume is a 2-dimensional version of who you are. How you choose to represent yourself on paper directly effects how you want others to perceive you.

When on the job search, it is the ULTIMATE first impression that people gather about you.  When individuals lie on their resume, and people find out, it can be solid grounds for immediate dismissal.  Even if you have worked for an extended period of time, you will be released because you lied on the resume from the very beginning.

It then raises questions about your character, trustworthiness, and reliability in work performance, follow-through, etc.

Legal Issues

In certain environments, there could be grounds for a lawsuit.  It could be said that the employee lied to get the job and misrepresented themselves, ultimately causing the company to invest time and money in that individual that should not have been spent.  

In addition, going into an interview with a resume that is padded or full of lies only increases your internal anxiety level.  Thi will ultimately affect your performance in the interview.  Subconsciously, you will exhibit telltale signs of lying.  Those signs will tip the interviewer off if they are reading your body language.  Lying on your resume will undermine your success over time.  It will definitely catch up to you in the interview process (by stopping it dead in its tracks).  Or you won’t receive the offer or you will be fired for misrepresentation and lying.

Avoid Problems

You can avoid all of this by working with me to create a competitive resume that is 100% real and differentiates you from your competition.

The long and the short of it is;  There is “NO Place” for lying on a resume.  If you are struggling with how to accurately represent yourself on paper while showcasing your abilities and are considering stretching the truth, please call and talk with me.

Contact Me

If you or someone you know has a resume that is padded and wants to create a solid, reliable resume that differentiates you from the competition and helps you rise to the top of the stack, please contact Career Coach Rachel Schneider for a consultation.  Working with her will help you yield job opportunities and get to where you strive to professionally be.