A New Year, a fresh start, a beginning.   Maybe things didn’t work so well in your job search during the year.  Now is the time to prepare for upcoming opportunities.  There are a number of things to do to prepare yourself to hit the ground running with your job search in the new year.

Things to do

Get Ready For Success in 2021: Things To Do

Keep this list of “Things To Do”  at the start of the year handy and check them off as you go:

Update Your Resume

Be sure to include anything new you have accomplished, any new skills you have acquired, and any additional work experience you may have had.  You might even want to give your resume a new look and format.  Just make sure all the information is current.

Update Your Photo on LinkedIn

Changing your headshot at least annually is a good habit to get into. You may have changed your hairstyle or it’s just time for a new pic. Remember, the best headshots for LinkedIn are cropped so  60 – 80% of the image is a closeup of your face, with a plain solid background.

Revise And Update Your Bio Info on LinkedIn

Review your bio summary as appropriate. Maybe you have a new role or skill to add.  Make sure your info is authentic and shows that you’re ready for the next role you seek to hold. Your summary is the place where you can shine and tell your story. Make sure yours is current.

Update Your Work Experience Entry On LinkedIn

If you have completed another year of work experience, be sure to reflect that. Even if you are in the same role, you likely have some new skills to add.  If you have done odd jobs, show your work history and new skills you have acquired.

List New Accomplishments

LinkedIn allows you to document your accomplishments.  If you have taken a course or completed a volunteer project, or become certified in anything, be sure to list it.   Make sure you are up to date in the following areas:

  • Certifications
  • Courses
  • Honors and Awards
  • Projects
  • Publications

Request Testimonials On LinkedIn

If you have not requested testimonials from employers, professors, or others you have worked with during the past year, now is the time to connect and ask.  It can make a difference in your success in the new year.  (They don’t have to be a supervisor to recommend you.  It can be a coworker or someone you supervised.)

Update Job Boards

If you have your information listed on various job boards, be sure to take the time to make sure they are updated.  All information should be current and if they permit a picture, make sure it is a recent one.  Using the same one you update your LinkedIn profile with is a smart idea since employers may review both.

Make A List

If you have interviewed or contacted people regarding jobs in the past or even worked for them at some point, add them to a list so you can begin the new year by reaching out to them to touch base.  Ask about current or future openings.  This is to build your relationship and stay on their radar.   Do the same with the contacts you have met while networking.  (You are not asking for a job at this point, you are just connecting and relationship building.)

Review Your Social Media Accounts

Perhaps you have headed out to a few parties or get-togethers over the holidays.   Be sure to review your social accounts and remove any tags or photos that do not show you in a positive light.   Employers do look at social accounts.

Take the time at the start of a new year to take care of this list of “Things To Do.” Some of these tasks may seem tedious, but they’re important to help you get ready for success with your job search in the new year.

Do You Need Career Search Help?

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