Hunting a job is never easy.  But there are common job hunt errors that people make without realizing it that hurt their employment chances.

Job Hunt Errors to Avoid

It is easy to make an error when preparing for your job hunt.  However, even little mistakes can be very costly, especially in a very competitive environment. Here are 5 common job search errors to avoid:

  • It’s Not All About You

While finding a job may seem all about you, it isn’t for the employer. Your potential employers are looking to grow their business with the right team that needs the least amount of training and can help improve the bottom line. Instead of focusing on the “why I need this job”, focus on how you can provide value to your potential employer.

  • You Have Blinders On

Job Hunt ErrorsWhen you are looking for a job, don’t be afraid to interview with several companies at once.  You can also let the interviewer know you are interested in other positions with the company.  Perhaps they will see a better fit in a different position.  Learn more in this post by ZipRecruiter.  This way, you can be ready for any opportunity and are able to brush off disappointments that come along in the job search process.

  • You Forget the Thank You Note 

If you are rejected for a job, you should still send a thank you note. What? Yes! By thanking the employer for the opportunity and wishing them well, you open yourself up for future opportunities within that company. Check out this post to learn more about the importance of a thank you note.

  • You Forgot to Double-check Your ‘Real’ Reputation

Only give out references that you’ve prescreened. Don’t forget to Google yourself occasionally because the person interviewing you will. Don’t forget to clean up any social media accounts that might have anything negative posted including pictures.  Lastly, use your personal email on your resume, not your current employer’s email account. It sends the wrong message.

  • You Don’t Have a Clear Strategy

When submitting resumes for several companies or industries, you need to tailor every submission like it is the most important. Have a plan of attack to help keep yourself organized and on schedule in order not to miss a step in the follow-up job search process.

We Can Help

If you need help updating your resume or practicing for an interview, consider reaching out to me, Rachel at Career Find to assist you.