Unemployment and Covid-19 are prominent issues in today’s world.   Almost everyone has been affected in one way or another.

Have you been unemployed for months due to Covid-19?  Are you worried about your career path and the gap of employment on your resume?   Perhaps you are feeling nervous about being furloughed and not being able to find a new job quickly.

If you are feeling a bit anxious about things, you are not alone. According to Pew Research Center, “The COVID-19 outbreak and the economic downturn it engendered swelled the ranks of unemployed Americans by more than 14 million, from 6.2 million in February to 20.5 million in May 2020.”  There are a lot of people searching for jobs.

The Facts about Unemployment and Covid-19

Let me share a few things about Unemployment and Covid-19 that might calm your nerves.

Prior to Covid-19, a gap of employment on your resume would need an explanation.  In our current climate, everyone in the world has been affected by Covid-19, and how we work has significantly changed.

Many people have to work from home and no longer go into an office.  Others are not able to do their job remotely and are now unemployed.

Workers with children have had to figure out how to continue working from home AND juggle caring for their children, and even teach at the same time.

Some people in contract employment roles have had their work dry up as a result of office closures, etc.

The Good News

If you are worried about how hiring managers and employers will perceive the gap in your employment history, don’t be.

Due to the fact that everyone has been affected by Covid-19 in one way or the other, potential employers, hiring managers, recruiters, and the like all understand.  No one is going to hold a gap in your employment history during Covid-19 against you.

The Covid-19 situation has affected everyone differently and to various degrees, which is common knowledge.  This works to your benefit as a “Job Seeker.”  When asked why you were unemployed, simply say it was due to Covid-19.  No further explanation needed, and no red flags will be raised.

While Unemployed During Covid-19

In the meantime, you can show employers you still have initiative.  While unemployed, you can use the time to update and expand your skills and knowledge. There are free online courses available.  Or volunteer in your community (in-person or on-line) and be sure to let potential employers know how you spent your time.

If you remain active and involved in your career even during a pandemic, it shows employers your commitment to growing personally and professionally.

Do You Need Help With Your Job Search?

If you need help updating your resume, practicing for an interview, or organizing your job search information during these hard times, consider reaching out to Rachel Schneider at Career Find to assist you.