While July went down as the hottest month on record, how will you survive the heat of August and still look professional at work?

Here are some basic rules to follow whether you work on Wall Street or at a startup.

For the men… 

Image courtesy of primermagazine.com

The Undershirt – 

Is wearing an undershirt a must or a personal preference? While some of you may be laughing at this question, we are here to stop the debate. The answer is Yes, no matter your age or marital status. There are three types of undershirts to choose from, the ‘wife beater’, the V-Neck and the crew-neck.

We recommend only wearing the ‘wife beater’ if you cannot see through your shirt. If you have a tie on, go with the crew-neck. If you are not wearing a tie, choose a V-Neck.  Why is no undershirt a faux pas? In the Houston heat you are going to sweat. Without an undershirt, you will stain your dress shirts and they will start to smell.

Dress Socks – 

My office is casual; do I need to wear socks?

Yes. While boat shoes may be expectable in your office, wearing them like you are about to hop on a boat is not. Don’t ruin this comfortable shoe option for the rest of us by not wearing dress socks.

For the women… 

photo courtesy of recessionista.com

Flip Flops – 

Are flip flops work appropriate?

No. No matter how casual your office atmosphere, flip flops are never appropriate, even if they have embellishments on them. If you want a shoe where your feet can breathe, we recommend a peep-toe flat or high heel.

Bright Colors –

What summer trends can I wear and still look professional?

Neons and color blocking have been a big summer trend. We recommend staying away from eye blinding neon for work, but if you have a bright colored skirt or blouse, pair it with a more neutral piece to maintain a professional look.

Hopefully these tips help get you through the rest of the summer. Please remember, no matter the temperature outside you should always wear a suit to an interview.