Picture yourself on the job hunt for several months. You’ve recently landed a second interview with a company you are very excited about. The interview with your potential boss is going really well. Then suddenly he asks for your Facebook username and password. Do you give it to him? What if he doesn’t offer you the job if you say no?

While you may be surprised by this invasion of privacy at an interview, people around the country are forfeiting their privacy to land the job.

A recent debate has sparked on whether or not employers should be allowed to ask for your Facebook username and password during an interview.

What do you think?

At CareerFind, we advise our clients who are looking for a job not to have anything on social media sites that they wouldn’t want their mom or boss to see no matter what privacy settings are in place. It seems that sometimes we forget social media sites are public. Anything you post and any picture you are tagged in should be considered as public knowledge. With Facebook’s new timeline feature, it allows anyone to easily go back to see things you talked about years ago.

With the job market as competitive as it is today don’t let social media sites be the reason you don’t land the job.